Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A BIG party!

We had Paxton's big five year old party this past weekend and it was BIG! You know how you start off looking to find something small and inexpensive and then, well it justs gets bigger and bigger until you have 20 kids plus their parents attending! But nevertheless, it was a lot of fun. We choose mini golf because Paxton loves to hit balls with his daddy and we thought this would be fun for all the kids. It was a glow in the dark mini golf place. Everything from the clubs to the balls to the course, even your clothes glowed in the dark. Super fun!

We kind of just let the kids have at it when they all got there. We had the place mostly to ourselves and so parents just kind of followed their kids around letting them swing the club and shoot for the hole. Paxton really enjoyed it and it was a relaxed kind of atmosphere. He did tire of it after about 45 minutes so we gathered all the kids to have a little Transformer party! Paxton has wanted to do the Transformer party for a while (no we haven't seen the movie, nor did he own a Transformer before this party!). So we went all out with the cups, plates, decor and cake in Transformers. I think he really liked it and had fun with the whole theme. Oh and now he owns a whole army or fleet or whatever they call it of Transformers thanks to his sweet friends.

Thankfully the party only lasted an hour a half, very appropriate timing in my opinion. Paxton was dying to get home to open his gifts, we wouldn't let him open them there because it was dark, it was crazy and you never know what a five year old is going to say about a gift! Anyway, we all had a blast with his friends and all the family. Thanks to everyone who made my little man's day by coming out and celebrating with us!

We were so lucky that the Duncans were in town from Tennessee! Spencer and Aidyn got to come and play a little golf with us! I love Spencer's "pose" here!

This is Maren, Lorelei's friend and Beckham's little sister. They were so cute playing golf together. They would take the balls right to the hole and then hit it in. Hilarious!

Sweet beautiful girls, EmmaClaire and OletaKate!

Mr. Bryce loved chasing the ball around!

Kind of blurry but wanted to show this pic of two cousins Addie and Emilie. Lifelong friends of Paxton!

Future LPGA?

Here is what it looked like in the mini golf place. I only took one pic with the flash on because it would be way to blurry otherwise.
The Transformers party area.
Paxton loved this particular hole, trying to get the ball to go around this tunnel.

Even Reed came out for the festivities!

Mr. Mike helping out Will.

TJ swinging it for a hole in one!

Luke checking out his put.

Aidyn stopped to pose for us like her big bro Spencer did!

As you can see, Grandaddy was highly entertained!

Everyone wanted to sit next to the birthday boy!

Looks like he is about to jump in it!
Paxton wanted five candles on his cake, not the number "five" candle.

Paxton is pleased with the cake, whew!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


My little boy is 5 today! First kindergarten and now he is five! Wow! It has gone by super super fast! Most people can't believe he is that old already! Today was his special day. We started the day off with presents in bed. His big gift was a new Transformers bike, a big one with a helmet that actually fits his head! Of course, by looking at these pictures you wouldn't know that was the big gift. The gift he is so gleefully looking at is a Sonic DVD. In case you don't know, Sonic is a Leapster game he has and apparently he has his own DVD too. One day Paxton saw the DVD at Toys R Us and has been asking for it ever since. So we bit the bullet and purchased the $5 DVD, and yes he is beyond thrilled that we got it for him! Isn't is always like that, the little things are the things they like best!

After a special sprinkles donut for breakfast we went to church and then when we got home we did the Slip N Slide (a gift from yesterday). He loved it! I will show more pictures later of that. Yesterday we had a big party for him at Moonlight Mini Golf, so stay tuned for that presentation!

Anyway, we have a very special and handsome young man on our hands. He is definitely not a preschooler anymore. I can see him getter more mature everyday! His teachers think he is hilarious ( that could be good or bad!) and he has a new best friend named Beckham at school. It just all seems so grown up to me!

The last couple of weeks have been exhausting with school and birthdays so I am way behind on blogging, no I haven't given it up as Josh asked me last night! Here are some pictures of this morning. We love you Paxton!

Monday, August 10, 2009

I just CAN'T believe it. . .

that my baby started Kindergarten today!!! I cannot believe that I have a child in school! We have all been gearing up for this first day for quite a while now. Paxton has been excited but more than anything his parents have been quite anxious and also excited. We have been getting uniforms, shoes, backpack, coats, lunchboxes, nap mats, you name it and we have been shopping for it. Last week we got to meet his teachers and look around his classroom and today was the BIG day! We woke up early, fixed a big breakfast and were out the door by 7:15, which is way, way early around here. Most days we roll out of bed around 7:45-8:00! So I am sure by tonight we will all be exhausted! Lorelei was most unhappy to be shoved out the door so early this morning but Paxton was all jittery smiles and little boy energy!
We were surprised to find a parking spot on the large campus he attends this morning as well. Josh and I wanted to walk him in on the first day. He took the obligatory pictures around the school and in his classroom. When it was time for us to leave his was all for it! Saying "No more pictures, you can go now." So were we sad, did we cry- no not today. We have had our moments, like last night when we read the story the "The Kissing Hand" and Pax gave us each our own kissing hand (read the book and you will understand). We did get choked up and there have been other days where it has really hit home, but today, today was good and we are good. I am so proud of my little man and we have said many special prayers for him to have a wonderful school year!

So did he love it, was it fantastic, how was his first day? He loved it! He talked a mile a minute the whole way home and he was just so excited. He told me about his new friends and the new rules and just everything! I don't see him get that excited too often! I am so pleased that he loved it! Can't wait to see how the rest of the year goes! Enjoy the pictures of my handsome school kid!
All set and ready to head out with his handsome uniform and backpack and of course the Transformer lunch box!

Lorelei wasn't too happy to be awoken so early this morning!

We found Grandaddy walking the campus this morning! Love this shot!

Paxton is fascinated that others call Grandaddy, "Dr. Fincher" but he doesn't have to!

Getting ready to go into his school. Most days we will just drop him off but today Josh and I really wanted to walk him in.

Big Man on Campus!

Paxton and his sweet friend EmmaClaire are in the same class, we are so excited!

Mrs. Thomas is showing Paxton where to put all of his stuff in his cubby.

Sitting at his desk getting ready to do a little playing with legos first thing.

One last hug and picture with Mama.

Paxton with his teacher Mrs. Turbeville. We are super excited that he got Mrs. Turbeville this year. We know Paxton will have a great time in her class!

An early morning first day of school shot in typical Paxton fashion!