Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Graduation Girl!

This is my Pre K graduation girl! Lorelei graduated from Pre-K a week or so a go and she was just so cute! The school did a great little program with songs and diplomas, the works! We are so proud of everything Lorelei has accomplished and we are super excited she will be in Kindergarten next year at the same school as her big brother!

Before the program begins, on stage!
Some brotherly love.

Waving to Grandmama!

Getting her diploma from her teacher Ms. Rachel.

They were the Sugarloaf Superstars!

Lorelei's Pre K class.

Silly kiddos

More brotherly love!

Ugh, she is just looking so much older lately!

My best girl!

Lorelei and Ms. Rachel

Lorelei and her other teacher, Ms. Julie.

The Duncans and Osbornes, no kids picture at Graduation. One or more of them was unhappy during picture time so no cute pictures of them all, but cute of us!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Superstars, Super busy!

Wow, it has been one busy month for this family! Paxton and Lorelei have been involved in many extra curricular activities and it seems they all have had the culminating events in the last two weeks. Starting off are a couple of pictures from Mother's Day, just had to throw those in there since they are so cute!

Paxton has just completed in his first year of piano, and will actually continue lessons through the summer. Paxton loves playing and has a great understanding of music. His teacher said he has never seen a child understand it and love it this much. Mr. Owens, his teacher, said he could easily go professional when he is a bit older too! Paxton is about to start his 4th set of books for the year, most make it through one and maybe part of another. If Paxton is inside the house, not playing a gadget, he is at the piano. We are so proud of his dedication and great talent! I must say he did not get it from me! I took 6 years of piano and he is already better than me!

Paxton at his piano recital this May.

He played two songs for this recital.

Some of the kids from the performances. There are tons of kids at his school who are in the School of Music. Thankfully they break them up into many different recitals, otherwise it would take hours and hours for everyone to play/and or sing!

Next up we have field day. I guess not an extra curricular activity but flows well with this blog. Paxton had a great day and did very well!

Look at that jump! If he had started at the right place he would have won. Unfortunately, 6 year old boys don't always follow and listen to directions!

Obstacle Course

Soccer Kick

Jump Rope the longest.

100 yard dash

3 legged race

Tug a war- teachers vs parents. Josh felt bad for the teachers though and joined their side, the teachers won!

Flag tag Champion! Paxton beat all the K6 boys and only 2 1st grade boys were left when he got out!

Both kids have been taking Gymnastics this semester as well. We told Paxton he could either sit every week and watch Lorelei for an hour or he could participate. He choose to participate and he has actually really enjoyed it and excelled at it. Of course Lorelei loves it and is also doing really well. She loves her teachers and takes class with her friend Aidyn.

This weekend they had a Gymnastics meet, not really a competition, but a time for them to show off their skills and get a trophy. Lorelei will be moving up to the kindergarten class this summer and Paxton will be moving up to the Novice 1 class.

Love this pose! This was the end of her floor routine, so cute!

Lorelei's first trophy!

Grandaddy helped entertain a tired Lorelei during Paxton's meet time.

Parallel Bars, I think that is what they call it?

High rings

Perfect landing!

Silly boy!

Floor routine, no music for the boys.

Trophy time!

To add to our fun, Lorelei had her ballet recital this weekend. She was in the performance of Alice in Wonderland. Her part was that of the white roses. She did such an awesome job! She really knew every party, as well as the part of others, and did great! Here are some pictures from dress rehearsal, which her hair is down in because we had Pre K graduation right after dress rehearsal. Also pictures from the actual performance.

Blowing kisses to Mama from the stage.

My little White Rose! Performance Day!

Kisses for Daddy!

Hugs for Big Brother!

Curtain call, look at that happy girl! Great job Lorelei!

Paxton has also just finished his season of soccer. He scored 8 goals at his last game of the year! He has really gotten very good this season! We are about to start up with our summer activities: lots of camps, gymnastics, piano, and Paxton is going to play on a summer baseball league too!

More pictures to come of Lorelei's Pre K graduation!