Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Birthday boy Post VERY LATE

Ok, this is my second attempt at this blog! And no I have not been really slacking either. New computer, new job, new routines, etc. have kept this blogger from not blogging!

Anyway, Paxton turned 7 last month and had a great swim birthday party. We had 10 energetic boys come over after school for some pool fun. They spend most of the time beating each other with swim noodles!

Paxton is loving first grade this year, he has an awesome teacher! He is also playing travel Academy Soccer this year with the U-9 team. He spends a lot of his time these day practicing or playing soccer games, but he loves it and is learning a lot!

Paxton on his birthday.

Excited for his Nerf Gun Wii Game!

Somebody was a wii bit jealous that day!

Birthday party with the fam!

Blowing out the candle on his cookie cake. And no I wasn't lazy in making his cake, he just didn't want anything on it, not an icing fan! He actually wanted to give everyone chocolate chip cookies but I convinced him a cookie cake might be better!

Let the craziness begin!

Boys will be boys!

Can't forget this cutie! What a great little swimmer she became this summer!

Some good food and fun!

Pizza, donuts and a pinata, need I say more?!

Paxton wanted a donut cake for this party, he also had donuts for his friends at school on his birthday too!

Blowing out the candle for year number 7!

A little Pinata fun!

Whew, that was some party! We were all exhausted when it was over, you should have seen that picture!