Saturday, March 26, 2011

A little Catch Up!

Ha! I love this picture of the "pout"! We were trying some clothes on for the spring and this is the look she gave me. Maybe she has been watching too much of "America's Next Top Model." Just kidding!

Anyway, both kiddos have enjoyed being in gymnastics this spring. It is has been great for both of them and they are getting very strong from being there. They had awards day last week and so here are some pics along with our sweet friend Aidyn, who just moved here from Nashville. Sorry for the funky format, I messed up but am too lazy to fix it tonight!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Paxton just finished up his basketball season on the Buccaneers at the end of February. His team was undefeated, more than that they were awesome! Most games were 50+ points to about 4 for the other team. We just got lucky with great kids or maybe it was their awesome coach, right Josh? Anyway, we had a great time watching Paxton play! He scored about 6-10 points per game on average and was a great defensive player. Paxton enjoyed playing with one of his best friends from school, Colton. Of course having Josh as the coach made the experience fun as well. Paxton loved his trophy that he got at the end of the season party, adding to his collection of trophies! Love it!

Now it's on to soccer season, where our athlete scored 3 goals on Saturday and 7 goals on Sunday, nice! We are so proud of you buddy!

Love this shot!

The kids loved running through the sign each week as they announced their team. Sometimes they even had a smoke machine!
Paxton played on the Upward league, which is nationwide. They play at churches and always start and end with a prayer and devotional at half time. We were very impressed with their spiritual emphasis and organization.

Check out my b-ball skills and moves!

Half time devotional
The kids LOVED Coach Josh. Bless his heart, he coached soccer, straight to basketball and now he coaching soccer again, what a good Daddy!

Paxton and Colton taking their turn out.

Basketball Party at Cici's Pizza!

Great season, my man!