Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 5 and 6: A Princess and Pirate!

The last two days of our trip we went back to the Magic Kingdom for some Princess and Pirate time! Lorelei got to go to the BBB and she chose to be Snow White this year. I just love how excited she gets every time we go. She was super excited to have Grandmama there to watch her get all dolled up too!
We ate at Cinderella's Royal Table after the BBB and we also got to celebrate Grandmama's 60th birthday. Paxton went to the Pirate's League and got sworn in as a Pirate, he was looking mighty fierce, a little too much so for some of us!
Lorelei got chosen for Jack Sparrow's show about becoming a pirate, funny how the Princess got chosen in a huge group of boys dressed like Pirates! I had a lot of explaining to do on that one to a certain little Pirate! She was super cute and did a great job in the show. Both kids later got to participate in the Pirate Parade and search for buried treasure. Lorelei some how got chosen to lead the parade (funny how that always turns out for her!) and Paxton also got to march in it. I will say Paxton did get chosen in the Monster Inc's Laugh Floor show to be one of the characters (something Lorelei has always been picked at "Boo" and was earlier that week too, so this time she had the jealousy thing going on!).

Paxton and Grandaddy killing some time sword fighting while Lorelei was in the BBB. Paxton ended up dueling with a cast member there and she gave him a certificate about him winning, he was quite proud!
So excited to be back at the Bibbity Bobbiddi Boutique

Love the Pucker!

First look at herself: Priceless!!!!

Making their wishes at Cinderella's Royal Table.
Pics with all the Princesses!
Arrgghh Matey!

Happy Birthday Grandmama!!

Lorelei and the Fairy Godmother!
Paxton ready to fight Peter Pan.

Paxton at the Pirate's League, spinning the wheel to determine his new Pirate name. Robert Pondwater.

Looking scary!
Where did my sweet little boy go?!!!
Making the Pirate's Pledge.
Lorelei on stage with Jack Sparrow, this guy looks just like Johnny Depp!
Teaching the Princess how to sword fight like a real Pirate.
All the boys and girls getting their official Pirate Certificate.
Getting ready to lead the Pirate Parade!
Scary Pirate skeleton!
The Pirate Parade!
The Pirate Parade kids.

Later that evening we got to eat at 1900 Park Fair with Prince Charming, Cinderella and Wicked Stepmother and Stepsisters- they were just too funny!
Lorelei and the Prince!

The Stepmother was not so excited to be near a Princess!

These pictures crack me up!
Grandaddy and Grandmama waiting for the Electrical Lights Parade to begin.

Fab Parade!

The next morning, Grandaddy and Grandmama left to go back home and we headed to Ohanas to eat with Lilo and Stitch and the gang-always fun to go there!

So FYI, Paxton's eyes look a little funny because we had the most horrible time getting that Pirate make up off around his eyes-bless his heart Mommy scrubbed a little to hard!
Stitch giving Lorelei lots of slurppy kisses!

Parading around Ohanas!
Miss Priss doing her thang!

Back at Hollywood Studios we ran into the army guys from Toy Story. We also got to see the Block Party, awesome parade at HS!

Waiting in line for Toy Story Mania- awesome ride- here's a tip, always run to get a fast pass for this ride- the wait without one is forever!!
Eating at the Sci Fi Dinner was so cool- it was like an inside Drive In Movie Theater. We got to eat in the cars and watch movies- really lots of fun, one of our favorite new places!

So as you can see my picture taking slowed way down the last two days, as we were all getting really tired! We spent the last night at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. This was our first time to go and we weren't so sure since you have to pay quite a bit extra to go to it, but we really had a wonderful time. I mean, how can you top trick or treating in the Magic Kingdom?!! So fun, meeting all the Disney Villans, riding the roller coasters at night and watching an amazing Halloween Parade and fireworks show- so much fun!!!

Love this shot of the Castle.
The Halloween Parade was great lead off by the Headless Horseman, somehow my picture didn't make it onto the blog but I got an awesome picture of him riding the horse- Paxton was fascinated!

Girlfriend dancing the night away and one of the many dance parties around the park. She got to dance with Goofy and Pluto while we were waiting for daddy and Pax to ride Space Mountain. So fun!