Sunday, January 31, 2010

Little Ballerina

Lorelei has been in ballet this year and she loves it!! She has a wonderful ballet teacher, Ms. Bernie, who captures the girls attention and takes them to the land of wonder and Princesses each week! So perfect for Lorelei.

This past week was parent's week so we got to go in with our cameras and watch what the girls had been doing all year. Ms. Bernie has a way of teaching the girls ballet through ways where the girls feel like they are pretending and in make believe land. I just love it!

The class is getting ready to start learning their moves for the recital in May. The place where Lorelei goes to ballet is a Performing Arts school so they always do a musical at the end of the year. This year it will be Peter Pan and Lorelei's class is the Pixie Dust! Once again, perfect for Lorelei, because she loves that movie and can understand what who she is going to be in the recital. I am looking forward to seeing her and her cute little classmates dance around the stage. Of course Little Miss Priss will front and center for the show because of her size- here's hoping that she pays attention!

Like most classes that Lorelei has ever been in, Lorelei loves to direct the class. She is always one step ahead of the teacher, telling her, rather "reminding" her what comes next. It was funny this weekend at my Granny's funeral I ran into Lorelei's old Nursery school teacher. She reminded me of how even then she could always count on Lorelei to help her out when she forgot what song or story came next!

As you can see through the pictures, Lorelei adores Ms. Bernie and her ballet class! So glad that this is the one she ended up in this year!

"Oh Ms. Bernie, you crack me up!"

Doing some frog jumping across the room.


Ahhh, "smiling feet" as Ms. Bernie calls them- pretty little ballerina pose!

Such a cute group of girlies, I love talking with the moms each week as well!

Twinkling like a star, she's really getting into this!

Listening close to make sure Ms. Bernie knows what to do next!

Smiling feet again!

Getting ready to dance across the floor!

"Bellies to the mirrors girls!" Ms. Bernie tells the girls which direction to go by saying where their bellies should be facing.
Hoping on one foot, we are still working on that difficult task.

Ms. Bernie to the rescue! Ms. Bernie is great in helping the smaller girls with more difficult moves!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Sweet Granny

My sweet Granny went home to see Jesus this morning. I am so sad yet so glad that she is now comfortable and happy in heaven! Granny, I love you and miss you- you're in my heart forever!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


After Christmas, Josh took the whole week off so that his family could come for a visit. Unfortunately, his mom ended up in the hospital for several days and they obviously could not come (she is doing better now). So we decided to have a little staycation with us all being home. Honestly, whenever Josh has taken off before it is to go somewhere, so it was SO nice to have him home for a whole week! We got to do lots of fun things around town as well. We went to a hockey game, the Cheesecake Factory, did lots of shopping (or browsing mainly), had several playdates with friends from school, went to Medieval Times on New Year's Eve, had a big family day on New Year's Day and we went to Snow Mountain for some tube sledding! Whew! It was so much fun!. As you can see from the picture, Grandmama and Granddady came with us to Medieval Times and we had a great time cheering for our knight and Lorelei even got a flower from our knight- that totally made her night! New Year's Day was spent hanging out at Lala, Pam and Von's house, eating lots of good food and playing with the cousins. Josh got to go to a Hawk's game that evening as well.
The next day we headed over to Snow Mountain with the kids. Yes, we did pick the coldest day of the week- with the highs not getting above 30! We were very cold but hey if you are going to go play in snow it might as well be cold right? Paxton was tall enough to go down the hills on the tubes and it was such a blast, something he probably wouldn't get to experience just being here in the south (although I have felt like I have lived at the North Pole this past week with temps in the teens everyday!) Lorelei got to play in the Little Angels section and go down a mini hill on a sled. Daddy and Lorelei built a cute little snow penguin (not a snowman) while Pax and I went down the hill. It was a lot of fun and very cold, did I mention that yet?

We had such a fun week, it was really hard to let daddy go back to work and now all of us are getting up at the crack of dawn again for school-it's been rough but I think the kids are enjoying being back at school with their friends and teachers.

My Little Snow Angel

Sliding down her mini hill!

That smile says it all!
Our Snow Penguin- pretty good, huh?

New Year's Day with the cousins

Miss Thang showing off her new earrings- gotta love those stickers!

Grandaddy and Paxton reading a new chapter book called Roscoe Riley' Rules. They were each taking turns reading the book. Paxton loves chapter books right now. I am finding all kinds of different series for him to read- I must admit I enjoy them as well!
More pics of our cutie!

Holding her new doll "Pickles". Actually it's Angelica Pickles but she doesn't really know who she is so she just calls her Pickles.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Our Christmas

I am slow to blog as we have been enjoying our staycation and having computer problems at the same time! Anyway, we had a wonderful Christmas day! Paxton and Lorelei were so into the whole Christmas thing this year, it was so cute. Lorelei especially got it all and was just so full of enthusiasm. Every gift she opened she would say "That's just what I wanted!"
We started Christmas morning with the kids coming down stairs to see what Santa had brought them! They were so happy to see all their gifts! Santa had been working hard to get those last few items and requests! Paxton got a Wii, Legos, a ball shooter, several DVD's, puzzles and some other items. Lorelei got a Barbie dollhouse, an Ariel vanity, a knock off American Girl Doll, Babies, nightgowns, dresses, and many other girly things. Of course they wanted to open everything immediately, so we played for a while and then got ready and headed up to my parents house for a day of more gift opening and awesome family time!

We had fun hanging out with everyone and the kids loved having time to talk and play with everybody in the fam. Paxton especially enjoyed playing with his cousins. We all got all kids of wonderful gifts from our family. I think one of Paxton's favorite's was his drum set from Grandmama and Grandaddy and Lorelei loved her twin babies who talk and sing to each other. It was just fun to be with everybody and not have to be rushed to go home or anything like that. Here are some family pictures from our day- more on our staycation to come!

Christmas morning- I made them stay at the top of the steps for this pic- they were dying to come downstairs!

Paxton checking out his Santa gifts.

Lorelei looking a little sleepy eyed but still excited.



Paxton left a note for Santa letting him know that the cookies were for him and the carrots were for the reindeer. Santa left his a little thank you note back for them.

At Grandmama and Grandaddy's house- Granny and the kiddos

Lorelei telling Grandaddy all about what she got for Christmas.

A little cuddle time with Grandmama

The drum set- Paxton can rock it out!

Lorelei's Rainbow fish puzzle book-she is obviously excited to get it!

Playing with Von

My two grandmothers- don't they look great!

Love this shot of me and my mama and daddy!

Josh and I by the Christmas tree

Grandmama and Grandaddy!

Granny and Grandmama

4 generations of girls!

Lorelei playing with "the twins-aka Candy and Mandy" and Pam and Lala.

Von helping Paxton out with his Star Wars Legos set- Paxton is a huge Lego fan- and is excellent at it too!

Paxton, Nathan, Luke and Lorelei
Now adding Micah to the picture- next year there will be another little one added to this bunch- no not mine- Matt and Jessica's!

The Whole Family- Granny, Nathan, Grandmama, Lorelei, Grandaddy, Luke, Lala, Paxton, Von, Micah, Pam, Jessica, Matt, Kim, Josh
Our up and coming drummer star!