Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Day at the Races

A couple of weekends ago Josh and I got to go to a Nascar race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway (it was actually a Nationwide race, which is like the minor league of baseball except that the big time racers can race in both races.) Our friends Brice and Ligia invited us, as Brice works for Quicktrip and got special tickets since they were a sponsor of one of the race cars there.

It was a full day event, and no I have never even watched a race on TV, but this really was a neat experience. The day started with us going to the middle of the track to hang out at the NOS RV and have a cookout there and meet Kyle Busch, who NOS/Quicktrip sponsored. It was crazy to see how many people were there and really into this.

After meeting Kyle Busch, we got to down to the pit and tour the truck that they keep all of the materials on for the upkeep of the car. It has over $2 million worth of race car materials inside of it. We also got to do go down to the actual place where the crew chief and pit crew are and sit on top of the NOS race car station and watch the race cars qualify for the next day of Nascar (sorry, I am pretty sure my terminology is not all correct, forgive me Nascar fans!) While we were down there we saw Robbie Gordon, Jeff Gordon, Kasey Kahne(?) and other drivers. The NOS pit crew invited to actually stay down their for the race but we decided to go the COKE suite (COKE owns NOS-which by the way is an energy drink if you didn't know, I didn't until that day) and watch the race. Unfortunately our guy, Kyle Busch only came in second but it was such a cool day and Josh and I really enjoyed learning more about Nascar, it's so much better when you get to experience first hand and have an up close and personal tour of everything! Thanks to our sweet friends Brice and Ligia for asking us to come, we had a blast!

Me and Ligia outside of the track.

Josh and I on the inside.
Our friends, Brice and Ligia.
The NOS group, drink it up guys!
Kyle Busch and Josh and me.

Pit row, I think they call it?
A look inside the NOS racecar truck.
Kyle Busch's race car helmet.
Watching the cars qualify for the next day. It was so loud and that was only one car, I can't imagine being down there when all the cars were going!

Kasey Kahne.

Jeff Gordon

Robbie Gordon ( no relation to Jeff) and Ligia

At the top of the NOS crew chief area.

Watching the races from the suite.
The NOS group: Rebekah, Davis, Josh, Kim, Ligia, Brice and John.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Big Guy!

So here are some more pics of my big guy who turned 5 last month. He is growing up so fast and getting so big in so many ways! We were watching video of him as a baby and little boy last night and he was so little yet I could still see that same little mischievous-make you laugh-being silly personality that he has today!

So here are some recent blog-worthy words from Paxton.
1. The Negotiator- When his grandmama told him at church that mom and dad were going to be told if he was good or bad during service (we were teaching kids church) and that would determine his afternoon trip to Toys R Us, he said what would happen if he was medium?

2. The Scripture Quoter- After a little shoving match with another child at school, Paxton told his teacher that the reason his hit back was because he liked to follow God's word about the Golden Rule- "Mrs. Turbeville, the Bible says Do unto others as you would have them do to you, so I was just trying to do what God wants me to."

3. The Perfectionist- After messing up on a paper at school, Paxton was flabbergasted that neither his teacher nor the office (which he insisted upon going to and checking) had whiteout- a staple at our house!

4. The Scientist- Paxton skinned his knee a few weeks back and was delighted to discover that "his new skin was hatching!"

Oh there are so many more but I will let you laugh upon those today! Enjoy these professional pics of my funny boy!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another first for us . ..

My little boo bear started preschool today! Whoa, this one was a really hard one for me. I guess because I had no one to go home too or get back in the car with! Lorelei told me I could talk to God if I got lonely! So today was the day she has been waiting for! Since her big bro started a few weeks ago Lorelei has been jumping to go to "her" school. Yesterday she got to meet her teachers and see her classroom and today was the BIG day!

She was so excited to have a backpack and lunch box. She wanted to carry it all over the house before it was even time to go. She didn't seem nervous, just excited! Her teacher had her morning work out (I know right? Morning work for 3 year olds?!) and Lorelei got started right away. We took some pictures and then mommy and daddy left. This mama cried all the way to the car and at the gym today too. I even opened her van car door a few times forgetting she wasn't there. So sad for me, but little Princess seemed happy.

Picking her up from school was a different story. She was pretty disheveled with a snotty face and dirt all in her shoes. She was whining for a special treat and just seemed "not together", if that makes sense. Her teacher told me she talked a lot (big surprise there) and kind of wondered around from this to that. I don't know, I am hoping it's just the cold she has been fighting the last week that was making her act like that. So she cried all the way home because she wanted a snack and then fell asleep and has been for the last 2 1/2 hours (thank goodness Josh picked Paxton up from school today so I didn't have to wake her!). Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I told her that tomorrow I just want her to be quiet at school. We will see! Her teachers seem really nice and have lots of experience so I am sure they have seen it all before. Anyway here are the pics of her before school when she was a bit more put together! LOL!
*Also, I did several posts today so be sure and scroll down to read them all!*

All ready to go, with her Panda backpack and lunchbox!

" Hurry up mama and take the pictures, I am ready to GO!"

Showing off her curls and backpack!

Her first part of morning work is taking clothes pins with the letters of her name and pinning them to and matching the letters of her name on the stick. Takes lots of fine motor skills and planning for this activity!

Her two teachers, Ms. Rachel and Ms. Debbie.

Excuse my attire, I can finally hit the gym again!
More morning work.
I was surprised they even did cutting on the first day!

One last pic, and I was off!

Catching up with Random Pics

Friday night we had our first football game of the year. Of course we had to bring our little cheerleader who actually has her own cheer that she can do this year. It goes like this "GO, GO, G-O, G-O, GO, GO, let's go!" So cute when she does it! Too bad for us, looks like its going to be a really rough season! Ouch!

Some more pics are from the slip n' slide Paxton got for his birthday! Ok, how many of you out there totally loved the slip n slide growing up? Well, Josh and I certainly did and our two kiddos love their new one too! Paxton's comes with a little raft thing to go down the slide on. He got really good at it and can't wait to try it again! Too bad we have all been sick and we haven't been able to again. Lorelei like it too, but more just playing around the water then actually going down the slide. Josh turned the sprinkler system on in the yard to give it an extra boost of slipperyness!

Do you notice a theme in her modeling poses?

Taking his first slide.

He made it to the little pool at the end!