Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Singing Sensations!

I took these videos this morning while the kids and I were playing. They love performing for the camera and then watching it again! In case you can't understand what they are singing, they are singing a song called "You Never Let Go." It's a song we sing in church and one that is on a DVD that they have. Lorelei got distracted by the plant and forgot to sing the whole song, but she does actually know all the words and can sing it too!

The next video is a Grandaddy thing -so most everyone else won't get it. However you can hear Lorelei telling me that I am the mommy dog and then you can hear Paxton telling her to get back on "upstage".

The last video is of Lorelei singing her default song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Anytime I ask her to sing, it is either this or the ABC song, unless I specify for her! Anyway, I thought these were cute and I hope that everyone can view them!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Veggies in the Garden

A few nights ago, Josh took the kids to his friends' house, Dr. Walls, to let them look at his fantastic garden and pick a few veggies. Josh says the kids had a great time in the wagon and picking some fresh squash, tomatoes, cucumbers and a few others. Unfortunately their evening was cut short due to a major monsoon of a storm that came through and knocked the power out for many long dark hours! Anyway, the kids had fun and Josh took some great pics!

Dr. Walls, Paxton and Lorelei in his garden.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Bed Head!!

As you can see this is my sweet Lorelei when she wakes up in the morning- all smiles and happiness. But let me tell you, her hair is out of CONTROL!! It is seriously like a bird or rat made their home in her hair at night. Some days are worse than others so you can imagine how fun this is to comb out! And yes I do wash it and use conditioner, but I do not know what else to do about it! It looks similar to this after nap time too! And yes, she does just love it when I have to rip the comb through her hair every morning!! I never had curly hair so this is new to me!

Of course I can't forget Batman (with a broken leg!)

Batman and Bed Head playing a little Leapster before breakfast!

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Surprise Party!

Well amongst the craziness of last weekend was a surprise party for Josh's 30th birthday! (I know I am crazy, right?) I had been planning this party for a long time and did not want to cancel due to Paxton's leg. So we went ahead with it and had a great time! Josh was truly surprised! We had it at Jillian's which is kind of like a grown up Chuck E Cheese- games, food, etc. He knew we were going there because we were supposed to meet some people there from our small group for fellowship. Little did he know that I had invited several others and sent out emails from my "secret" email account that I had to open-since he constantly checks mine!

I told him that I had to work that afternoon for a little bit and that I would meet him there. So I left for "work" and went and got the awesome cake- a big German chocolate cake in the shape of a 30-, balloons, decorations, etc. Everyone got there a little earlier that Josh thought he was supposed to meet me there. He called me when he got there so I could help get Paxton out of the car. We walked in and he had this look on his face, like huh? He first saw some people who were not in our small group and he was like "I didn't know they were coming." And then everyone yelled surprise (which scared poor Lorelei into tears!) and then he got it! We had a great time with lots of kiddos running around! Thanks to all who could attend to help make Josh's birthday special! Here are the few pics I got because I was running around trying to get everything into place, helping kids out, etc.

Josh with Clay and Mike.

Becky, Allison and Robin

Annabelle, Lorelei and Emmie. Lorelei loved hanging out with "the big girls." They were so sweet to her too!

Part of the rowdy boy table in action! I think there was at least one person in time out at this table the whole night!

Happy Birthday Josh! Surprise! (Lorelei is still saying it a week later to her daddy!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

UPDATE: "Unlucky You!"

Ok, we went to the Orthopedic doctor today and basically they said that Paxton's broken leg was just another random event and not really related to his previous break. His leg did have a %5-10 chance of being broken again during the first year after the break. She said that this time his break was very common, in fact, the most common they see. Kids going down the slide and their rubber sole getting caught and snapping their leg. So that is what happened to Pax. His previous break has healed almost completely but now he has a hairline fracture in there. Comparing the two breaks, this one is much better- thus the reason for not as much pain. However, Paxton will still be in a full leg cast for 4 weeks and then a short leg cast another 5 weeks and then a boot after that. Pray for my little man as he is feeling a bit down right now and pray that this does not happen again! We were so excited because we had just signed him up for fall t ball (he loves t ball) but we had to withdraw him today. Anyway, that's all for now.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

You've GOT To Be Kidding Me!!!!

No, no my friends, your eyes do not deceive you. No, you are not looking at a picture taken in February. You are looking at a picture taken today, July 12th. Yes, that's right people, Paxton BROKE HIS LEG AGAIN!!!!!! I know, can you believe it? We sure can't! How did this happen, you say? Where did it happen? Well, where else would it have happened? The PARK!! That wretched park, which Josh has now forbidden me to ever take our children to again.

Here's the lowdown. I took the kids to the park yesterday for a picnic and some play time. Paxton found some friends to play with at the park and they were playing chase. They were running up and down and all around the playground equipment. I didn't see what happened, but somehow Paxton was going down one of those twisty slides and I guess his leg got twisted before his body did, or something like that. He immediately starting screaming for me saying that he broke his leg. Of course, I was like "No, No, you are ok." I did start to get a little paranoid when the screaming persisted and he was pointing to the EXACT SAME SPOT and LEG as last time. So random, doctor man at the park runs up with medical supplies, checks it out, wraps it up, and says its not broken, just sprained or twisted. So I think ok, that makes sense. I called Josh and we agreed to just give him some Motrin and let him take a nap. So we did and he seemed to be doing ok after his nap, but he still would not walk on it at all. By 6:00 the screaming had started again and we decided that we should probably get it checked out at the ER. So we tracked down my parents to stay with Lorelei and by 7:30 we were on our way.

Thankfully the ER was not crowded at all and they took us right back. They took the x-rays and the goofy doctor (he was quite goofy) said it was broken across the bone instead of a spiral fracture like last time. So it's different break from last time but it's the same bone, etc. He didn't really want to answer our questions about why did this happen again, was it not fully healed and so on. He said to save it for the Orthopedic doctors who we will get to see again Monday or Tuesday. And yes, it is a full leg cast again, this time it is red and blue- a Superman cast!

So anyway, that is our drama for the day, week, month, twice in a year thing. Hopefully the ordeal will not be as long or as bad as last time. Josh just threw away our handicap sticker from last time so I guess we will be finding another one. What stinks this time is that it is summer time! My little swimmer and outdoor boy is going to have a hard time with that one. Needless to say, he is a little grumpy today and we are all trying to adjust back to carrying our almost 4 year old around everywhere!! Keep us in your prayers and we will keep you updated!

This time we are all signing his cast. The Ortho staff at the ER wrote "See You Again!" Haha! I hope not!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy 30th Josh!

Today is Josh's 30th birthday! Wow, he is sooo old! Just kidding, mine is coming soon too. We celebrated Josh's birthday with the family on July 4th, so many of the pics below are from the 4th as well. Today for his birthday, Josh just wanted to grill hamburgers on his new grill and go out for ice cream later. Can't say what we got him for his birthday yet because he left at the crack of dawn for work- presents to come this evening! Happy birthday honey, we love you so much!

Ok, so I totally made Josh do this and he will probably make me take this picture off, so enjoy it now!

Nathan and Paxton in matching shirts-don't know what Paxton's face is about?

My 4th of July girlie!

Luke and Paxton were trying to catch a fly. They looked for it forever and then like 30 minutes later my dad was like "Oh I killed that an hour ago!"

Little Firecracker: The latest addition to Matt and Jessica's family, baby Micah! Isn't he precious?

Pam and Von enjoying some rough and tumble time with the boys!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I want my Pax!

Yesterday, Lorelei got into a little trouble from mommy for not listening and as the poor thing began to cry she said "I want my Pax." So her Pax said he would hold her. I thought it was too cute and couldn't resist taking a picture!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Part 2- Beach Club

So you know what we did during the day at the beach but we also had just as much fun in the evenings. Every night we did something different. One night we went to Lamberts in Foley, Alabama. If you have never been there you must try it. This is the home of throwed rolls. Another evening, we ate at the club house on the resort which was really nice because we didn't have to leave the resort for a nice experience. On Tuesday evening, Josh and I got to go out to celebrate our 9th anniversary (which was the week before on the 19th). We didn't exactly choose the best restaurant but we still had a nice time just the two of us.

Some other activities we did were one night we went to a place called the Wharf. It has the biggest Ferris wheel in Alabama along with a lot cute shops and restaurants by the bay. We enjoyed eating out by the big boats where Paxton and Lorelei didn't have to use their best indoor manners! On Wednesday evening we took the kids to a place called "The Track." It's one of those places with bumper boats, go carts, kiddie rides, etc. Of course Paxton LOVED the bumper boats and he and daddy were soaked by the end of this ride. Unfortunately my camera died here and there are no pictures of this particular evening (of course right?).
One night the resort had movie night down by the club pool. It was the Disney movie "Enchanted", which by the way is a really cute movie. It got to be really late though and Paxton and Lorelei didn't quite make it until the end but we still had fun watching the movie and the fireworks down by the ocean. The last night we went to an awesome little place on the bay called "Lulu's." Talk about a ton of people and long lines!! But it was worth it because we had some great food and a great atmosphere. When we got back to the resort we took their tram to the Beach club village for some ice cream to help end a fabulous week!

We had so much fun last week and Paxton cried when we left. It has been hard coming off vacation this week but we are adjusting back to life here at home. Thanks to mom and dad for inviting us and to Josh, who got the ph in the first place through a client of his. Here are some more pics of us hanging out in the condo and around town.
Our family at the club house.

Me and Paxton hanging out on the balcony.

Daddy and Paxton being silly!

Granny and Lorelei

I love this picture of Lorelei! She is doing a "curtsy" for the camera. (She is into the ballet thing.)

My Little Mover!

My sweet family!