Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Elfie Giglio

Elfie Giglio. That the name the kids decided to give our Elf on the Shelf. He arrived the day after Thanksgiving in Daddy's car bearing presents! The kids were so excited and thought it was hilarious. We immediately read the book about how we could never touch him or he would lose his magic. We also read about how every night he flew to the North Pole to deliver his observations of the kids to Santa. Each morning he was in a new place!

The kids woke up every morning super excited to find him. One of the first mornings he was on sitting on the toilet in the kids bathroom, which freaked Lorelei out a little bit. She was a bit nervous to find him each morning after that but still really loved the thrill of the find. They seriously got the biggest kick out of it!!

Some of the place Elfie was each morning: On the ceiling fan in the the two story family room, in the stocking, on the Christmas tree, in the refrigerator, relaxing in the garland, in the pantry, in Lorelei's Barbie house hanging out with Santa Barbie, in Paxton's room, in our room, so many places. Occasionally Elfie got a little wild and did some crazy things like: decorate the kids Christmas tree with underwear, eat all the Christmas cookies, dye the toilets green and blue and toilet paper the kids rooms! He also was nice bringing gifts too: Christmas hair bows for Lorelei and hot wheels for Pax, a Gingerbread house for the kids to decorate, new cookies packages for the kids after eating all of theirs (Paxton was most unhappy when Elfie finished off the Chips Ahoy Cookies).

We really had a good time with Elfie and the kids were old enough to participate and understand how it all worked. So here are a few pictures that I remembered to take of our month with Elfie Giglio (yes his last name is from the pastor Louie Giglio of Passion City Church).
Pulling up in Daddy' car.
Bringing his book and 7 Christmas Classics DVDs to watch for the Christmas season

The kids dancing around while he hangs above the stockings.

The Underwear Tree!

Lorelei spotting him one morning in the kitchen.
Oops, someone had too many cookies last night!

The toilet papered bedrooms!

Last morning before Elfie flew back to the North Pole with Santa, see ya next year Elfie!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Letters to Santa

These letters are for Santa on Christmas Eve. They will be set out next to the Christmas cookies for Santa and the carrots for the reindeer.

I must say I think that for a 4 year old, this is a pretty good letter to Santa. Did I help? Only in helping her sound a few words out, not telling her the actual letters for the words. These are her thoughts and her spelling, so cute! By the way it says, "Dear Santa Give Rudolph two carrots and take care of your elf. Love Lorelei."

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa Knows!

We got to go see Santa last week and had a great evening of it! This Santa was awesome and knew all about the toys the kids were telling him that they wanted. He also knew all about our "Elf" at home (more to come on him later!). He was very genuine and the best part was no line!

Our Elfie brought a gingerbread house for the kids to decorate this weekend while we were at home with Paxton being so sick. We never go for "pretty" but more for the fun look. Josh always loves to make fun of my icing skills but hey, I think it turned out cute, in a fun sort of way!
At least I can put it together, right?
So I can't ice ok?

Paxton's side was very patterned and well organized.
Lorelei's side was very decorated!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Performances!

In between being really sick with asthma attacks and bronchitis, Paxton has been busy doing some awesome Christmas performances at school. First up was his class play on Wednesday. This year Paxton was the dad telling the "kids" the true reason and story of Christmas. He had two lines and did awesome! Really, I could not have asked for a better performance from him and the class- well done and so cute!

Little Miss Christmas before the show. Have to get there early for good seats at his school!

Grandmama and Lorelei looking over the program.

Signing so nicely!

He spoke clearly and didn't mess up at all!

Second set of lines.
Silent Night.
Thanks to Lala, Pam, Von, Grandmama, Lorelei, Daddy and Mommy, Paxton had a whole row to watch him!
Dr. Hensley, Paxton's awesome music teacher telling him how great he did!

After two hours at the doctor's office yesterday evening, pumping the poor kiddo full of medications to help him feel better, Paxton woke up full of energy this morning and ready for his piano recital (multiple doses of steroids will do that!). Paxton has been taking piano lessons this year at school and doing a fabulous job. His teacher says he has lots of talent for someone his age, he gets that from his daddy! Paxton played Away in a Manger and didn't mess up at all again, another amazing performance my man!

Santa was the emcee. This show was the first of three different performance from the School of Performing Arts/Music today.

I thought he was going to play on his knees like this but he did sit down to actually play. Don't know what happened with the picture quality of my camera in these few shots.

The 9:00 am performers today.
Paxton and his piano teacher, Mr. Owens.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pink and Furry

Just wanted to share come cute pictures of my pink and furry little girl! So thankful for her!!