Friday, October 30, 2009

Photo Pass Part 1

Ok so here we are with our Disney Photo Pass pictures. I love these pictures because we can all be in the pictures together and you can crop and add features to them very easily. The first ones you see are of the opening day at the Magic Kingdom. These pictures go through the first three days of our visit which I have already extensively written about.

There is no telling what Paxton is telling Mickey all about!

In the Magic Kingdom you will meet many people playing the same character. Josh and I like to judge and decide if they were "good" at their character. I like the Princesses here but Belle reminds me so much of somebody, I can't get past it- she just doesn't look like a Belle to me.

A little sunny for us all- love the squinting!

Animal Kingdom day 3
Oh how my little dude wants to ride Expedition Everest- next year for sure buddy!

The Photo Pass

The last three days of our trip were spent at Hollywood Studios, back at Epcot and back at the Magic Kingdom. Paxton loved the Tower of Terror at HS, he made me ride it with him this year and I think my heart must have stopped a few times! That ride is just insane! Josh and I got to ride the Rock n' Roller Coaster (by ourselves) and it was so much fun! Josh says it is by far the best roller coaster he has ever been on! I must admit it was really awesome! Hollywood Studios was a jammed pack day seeing Playhouse Disney live, Buzz Lightyear ride, Lights Motors Action, Indiana Jones, Star Wars Jedi training and ride, Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage, a couple of parades and to end the night our favorite nighttime show, Fantasmic! The kids were troopers and we had the day planned down to the minute running from one thing to the next but that's the way we like it and we got almost everything in, but whew, what a day!
I will have to make more comments on our personal photos about where we ate and so forth, these pictures are from the Disney Photo Pass. Make sure you check out the post below too, there are more pictures there.

We were so excited to get to meet the Red Power Ranger. All of the Power Rangers were there but they got "called" to action and had to leave so we just got to meet this one.

AHHHH! Not the Tower of Terror again Paxton!

Test Track at Epcot, Josh and Paxton on the first row.
Mommy and Paxton on the back. I look really relaxed but trust me I wasn't the first few times. I think this one must have been on a slow part and after I had rode it a couple of times.

One of the photographers wanted to get a few shots of just me and Josh in Epcot, I loved how they turned out!

This one was right outside Chefs De France which is where we ate one night. A true French dinning experience in that it took over 2 hours to eat the meal! It was delicious but the kids were climbing the walls by the time it was over.

These next pictures are from the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Of course you know we had to go again after last April's experience. Lorelei choose to be Belle this year, she looked beautiful as ever!

Yes, that is my five year old holding our new Nikon D60 camera. But look how sweet, he wanted to take lots of pictures of his sweet sister.

When I do Lorelei's hair for ballet I cannot for the life of me get her bun to look like that!

Why is Paxton dressed like a pirate? Well like the BBB, they now have a Pirate's league where you get to get dressed up with pirate teeth, scars, etc and go on a treasure hunt with Captain Jack Sparrow! Paxton was so excited to be a pirate that day!
More Pictures of his experience to come!

We had to go see the Mermaid again. Amazingly enough, this was still the longest we waited to see or do anything all week! She is one popular lady.
Ariel's Grotto.

This is on the last night at the Polynesian. Excuse my dress but I think I had it for the day and changed into my pjs!