Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trunk or Treat!

This past Sunday our church had its annual Trunk or Treat celebration. The kids always look forward to this fun fall festival at our church. This year we are . . . Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. And no, I did not make or have to convince Paxton to be Peter Pan to match Lorelei (I got asked that a lot on Sunday). He actually chose first and since Lorelei loves all things Disney and Princesses we "helped" her decide Tinkerbell would be a great choice. I keep thinking that every year I match them it will be the last but somehow we keep it going (first year: Lion and Kitty, second year: Mickey and Minnie, third year: Peter Pan and Tink).

Anywho, the night began with lots of friends, fun and games. Paxton has several special friends at church and has for a while. But Lorelei is just now beginning to really make the cutest friendships. I love seeing her with her little girlfriends holding hands and running around-too cute. So, Paxton loved playing the games and Lorelei socialized with her friends. Then we went out to the parking lot for some trunk or treating. The kids loved going from car to car getting candy and seeing everyone all dressed up. We also had hot dogs, popcorn, lemonade, cookies and of course candy. Paxton enjoyed the jump house and we ended the night with a night time hayride (that went really fast by the way!) So here are my little trunk or treators!

Emilie and Paxton: Looks like someone is already in charge of this relationship!!

Katie, Mia, Lorelei and Belle. Now tell me how stinkin' cute are these girlies!

Adorable-I love it!

Lorelei and Belle. And no Belle is not years older than Lorelei, just a few months!

Paxton concentrating on his bowling game.

Tink and Peter Pan standing in front of one of the many decorated "trunks" that night!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Disney on Ice!

Yes, my blog reading fans, we just cannot get enough Disney here at our house. This weekend we got to go to Disney on Ice, compliments of Josh's work. We had some great box seats too! I think initially the kids were a little confused as to what we were going to see. ("Disney World is now on ice?") But once we got there, they saw the big ice skating rink and they got it. Before the show we got to go and see all the "real" Princess dresses. They had set up a nice display of each Princess dress but I think Lorelei and Paxton were wondering where the real princesses were! I mean after all, they have got to meet and greet the "real" Princesses several time before.

The show consisted of a few mini shows from Disney. We got to see Cars, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, The New Tinkerbell story and of course Mickey and friends. As usual, Disney did a great job with it. The only thing the kids got a little lost on was the Tinkerbell part because we haven't seen that new movie yet (it was also the second half and they were getting a little antsy). We had a wonderful time and it was fun to see things that made us reminiscence about our Disney World trip. Here are some pictures from our day. Lorelei would not look at the camera so they aren't the best pictures this time.

Paxton's before show toy- a spining light up dragon- who could ask for anything more? Lorelei had an Ariel wand that lit up and played the Mermaid song.

Lightning McQueen and friends

The Lion King cast performing "Circle of Life"

Tinkerbell's story on how she became Tink.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


We got these adorable glow in the dark skeleton pajamas this year. The kids adore them! We couldn't get the camera to pick up the glow in the dark pics though. Also, here are the pictures of our pumpkins that Josh andPaxton carved last weekend. BOO to YOU!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Disney Photo Pass Pictures!

Ok, I know you may be tired of looking at all of our pictures but these are more professional pictures made my Disney. They have this thing called the photo pass. Basically it's a little card you carry around and you hand to various photographers placed around Disney waiting to capture that special moment of you and your family. They really do a good job! Some of the photographers really get into it, having you do all these different poses while other just snap the shot and they are done. Anyway, when you get back from Disney you can go online and look at all your photos and enhance and crop the pictures. Then you can either order the entire CD or just the shots you like. We liked so many, we just ordered the entire CD. By the way, the photo pass is free, just the pictures cost. We got some great family photos and I enlarged some to put in frames around the house. Both Paxton and Lorelei have Disney frames now with pictures of them with a special character from Disney. Lorelei has a picture of her and Mermaid (Ariel) and Paxton's is of him with Peter Pan and Wendy. I am working on making a photo book for the kids to look at whenever they want. However, I only bought a 100 picture photo album and I have over 200! So I am looking for another to house all of our photos together. There are almost 200 pictures on the CD alone so I will just post some of my favorites. So here are the pictures done by Disney!

Monday, October 13, 2008

My punkin's at the Pumpkin Patch

We got to go with some friends this past weekend to the pumpkin patch. We had never been to this particular one before, but I was so glad we went because it was great. The kids got to do lots of farm activities, like ride the cow train, play in the the kernels of corn, see the farm animals, watch pig races and go on a hayride. We didn't have time to do the hour long corn maze, even though Paxton really wanted to, mommy and daddy weren't up to chasing two small children through a LONG maze! The pig races were really funny and Paxton loved watching them go round and round, Lorelei wasn't as sure about it all.

After the farm fun, we went out to the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins. It took us awhile to find some good ones. You know, we have to get perfect round ones with no flat or bad spots on them. We found two big ones. We always get one for Josh and Paxton to carve a pumpkin face on (Paxton picks out what shape the eyes, nose, mouth, etc will be) and one pumpkin to carve a more elaborate carving on. We usually get the kids two small pumpkins to have at home but Paxton wanted a medium size one. So he got medium and Lorelei got a tiny one to have.

Josh and Paxton worked on the first pumpkin yesterday and since he had today off, Josh has worked tirelessly on our awesome and cool Pirate ship pumpkin. It looks great and Paxton is so excited to light candles in them tonight. We had a great time and it was actually cooler here this weekend so it felt like fall at the pumpkin patch. Here are pictures, enjoy!

The cow train was quite a bumpy ride, I was the lucky one that got to ride it with Lorelei.

Lorelei and her friend Belle- they looked so cute in their matching sweaters!