Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Beach Club - Part 1

Well, we just back from a wonderful vacation in Gulf Shores. We went for a week with my parents and grandmother. My sweet gracious parents invited us along to stay at a fabulous penthouse that overlooked the Gulf. The penthouse was wonderful and my parents let our family take the master suit (aren't they the best?!!) to spread all of our stuff about in. Lorelei and Paxton enjoyed sleeping next to each other on their make shift beds on the floor, while Josh and I got to sleep in a king sized bed- gotta get us one of those for home!

Our days were spent in the sand and sun down at the beach. The kiddos loved just playing in the sand-dumping it in and out over and over again (we have a sandbox here but I haven't filled it up since we moved-probably should). I was amazed at how long they could spend just playing in the sand and sitting at the edge of the water. We also buried Josh, Paxton and Lorelei in the sand which was a big hit- no, mama, was not into that. Daddy built sand castles for Paxton and Lorelei, or as Lorelei said "Build me a city daddy!" Lorelei was intimidated by the ocean's waves but Paxton was ready to jump right in with daddy. We were very lucky not to have gotten stung by jelly fish, as they were everywhere and at least 4 or 5 people would get stung while we were there everyday!
The pools were also a big hit. There were 5 different pools along with hot tubs for us to enjoy. I am so proud of Lorelei who is now swimming with arm floaties instead of baby float. She really loved playing with her water toys on the steps and hanging out with grandmama near the edge. Paxton is now insisting on wearing his life vest all the time- we will have to work on swimming without it now that we are home again- but loved dunking daddy and having splash fights with mama. The pools were really nice to cool off in after spending a few hours in the hot sand. Speaking of sand, I never knew how sand could be in every crevice of your body and your child's! We were such a mess everyday after spending time at the beach- Josh in particular loved this part!

Anywho, that is how we spent most of our days- besides naps, which by the way they slept great thanks to the incredible automatic shutters that shut out all light from the bedrooms! I will do another post on our non-beachy activities. Here are some of the many many pics that my parents and I took last week- more to come!

The view from our balcony.

Some parasailers. Dad and I almost did this but we waited till the last day and they didn't have any spots left. Maybe next year!

Like I said, the kids spent hours just doing this!

Paxton, catching a wave with his daddy!
My beach beauty!

Lorelei only wanted to get partially buried in the sand.

Where's Paxton? Paxton was our little beach bum this week. He just loved the beach and his hair turned really blond and he has the cutest little tan (yes, I did put 50spf on him like every hour but he still got tanned-not burned!)

Chilln' in the sand!

Grandmama and her little butterfly. I got the kids the cutest towels from Target. They have hoods and are kid sized! Lorelei is a butterfly and Paxton is a shark.

Decked out in their beach attire!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


We just finished up Girls reunion week 2008! It was so much fun once again. This year the girls came to see me! Everyone brought their kids and I had mine with me. I was so excited for Lorelei and Paxton to get to play with Ethan, Caroline, Sadie and even baby Noah! It was such a neat experience to see all my gal pals with their little ones. I am so proud of each of them because they are all such great mommies! I am SO impressed with Christie's ability to love on each of our kiddos this week too! I can tell she must be an awesome kindergarten teacher. I know that my kids wanted to go home with her after the week was over- Lorelei keeps asking for you Christie!
We started the week with a cookout and just hanging out and catching up. The next day we took all the kids and all our gear down to the pool. It was cool just hanging out with each other and playing with each others kids. That night we went to Stone Mountain. We rode the train and watched the laser show. I wish I had more pics, (I am sure Emily will post enough for me!) of everyone there. The kids were so cute dancing to the music and Paxton and Ethan played with their light up swords. It was a super late night- I think everyone was worn out by the time we got home. But, we had enough energy to hit the Aquarium the next day! Another adventure in itself. Once again, my fatigue, taking Lorelei to the potty, and just plain laziness took over and thus their are no pictures (I also think my camera was buried under all the stuff in the double stroller). We were quite a sight- 5 adults, 6 children, a double stroller and two umbrella strollers- and poor Paxton who had to walk since he was the oldest and biggest (NOT happy about the walking). We ended the week with a little trip to Bahama Breeze and an evening of talking and reminiscing. We missed Lynsay, Nichele and Katrina- hope you guys can join us next year!!
I am so glad that each and every one of you girls got to come and visit me and my family. I am so thankful for the role you all have played in my life and I pray that we all can continue to stay in touch and bless each others lives!! (Oh and a belated Happy Birthday to Emily- still feeling bad that I forgot!!)
The kids at the pool- Lorelei, Paxton and Ethan- I couldn't catch Caroline in the pic.
Christie with Noah.
Sadie and Caroline.
Ok, Paxton had a real thing for little Miss Caroline. He wanted to love on her all week! It was actually really sweet!
Josh and Lorelei. Josh hung out with us girls the night we went to laser show. He was such a Life Saver this week!!
Dancing in front of Stone Mountain.
Ethan and Paxton with their laser swords.
Christie and Lorelei
Me and sweet little Noah. It was so great to finally meet little Noah. He is Ashley's first baby and I love him to pieces! He is so precious!!

Ok, Yeah for Me! I did actually take ONE picture at the Aquarium. This is Ethan and Paxton with Deepo- the Aquarium's mascot- looks like Nemo if you ask me!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cinderella Party

This past weekend the kids were invited to a Cinderella party. Lorelei was so excited for the whole week because Cinderella was going to be there and she was going to get to dress up like Cinderella. (Paxton was like "Who do I get to be?" - sorry buddy, you can be a prince without a costume!) The party was so much fun and Cinderella did a great job. Of course when she got there, Lorelei was TERRIFIED of her! She refused to come out of the playroom to see her. I finally lured Lorelei out by promising her a tattoo of Princess Jasmine. Lorelei warmed up to her after she got a Jasmine tattoo. Paxton loved his balloon sword, dinosaur tattoo and his face painted like Batman. Lorelei didn't want a balloon but had a Jasmine tattoo and her face had glitter and pretty pink flowers on it. Anyway, just wanted to share some cute pics of Addie's 3rd birthday party- we had a blast!!

The little Princesses waiting for Cinderella to arrive.
Oh what fun! The children are captivated by her!
Annabelle and Kylie show off their butterfly balloons.
Paxton and Nathan with their swords.
Awwww... Good friends so happy to see each other!
Katie and Lorelei
Paxton's dinosaur tattoo.
Lorelei has finally warmed up to Cinderella and allowed her to paint her face.

A Flower Princess! She's not happy or anything, you think?
The Beautiful Birthday Girl, Addie.
Lorelei, Robin and Emilie stop for a hug.
Annabelle and Paxton.
Paxton, Addie and Emmie.
Givin' the birthday girl some love!
What a fun party!