Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandaddy!

Yes, another birthday in our family this month! It's Grandaddy's birthday! Wish we could be with you to celebrate this year, but alas we are off celebrating another birthday! We do like to party! Anyway, the kids wanted to wish you a happy birthday so here it is:

This was take number 23, so please excuse the hyper ending. Paxton had just gotten home from school and Lorelei is at the age where she chooses not to be directed by anybody!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The BIG 4!!

My little man turned 4 today! I just cannot believe it. Of course it shouldn't be too hard to believe since he has been talking about it since the day he turned 3! He has been so excited about this birthday, I guess it will be more and more like that every year. Paxton was so funny this morning when he woke up, he was quite upset and we were like "What's wrong, it's your birthday!" He said, real pitifully, "But I don't look any bigger!" I think he really thought he would actually be bigger on his fourth birthday!

Paxton's party celebrations began yesterday when I took cupcake cones to his school for a little party. We had Captain Hook plates and napkins and I made cupcakes in ice cream cones for the kids in his class. They were all so cute and kept calling me Paxton's mom, like "Hey Paxton's mom, what are these cupcakes made out of; Paxton's mom, thanks for the cupcakes." Too funny! I think Paxton's teacher Ms. Venable was glad when I got there because she said he had been asking all day when I would be coming!

Last night my parents came over to give him some presents since we decided to combine the family and friends party this year. It has been just way too crazy to do two parties for him plus my birthday this week and my dad's next- we kind of get on party overload! This morning we made biscuits (his favorite) and put a candle in it for breakfast. Then we gave him the presents we had gotten him this year. Our main gift to him were dress up boy clothes. Lorelei has been playing dress up for quite some time now and he has always complained about not getting to so we got him a bunch of different clothes to dress up in: pirates, Superman, Spiderman, Frankenstein, fireman, magician, gladiator and a few more that I can't think of now. He seems pretty excited about them- I got a nice bin to store them in his closet so he can get them out anytime. I think his favorite thing is the sword or rather swords I should say. He has been wanting one forever but we have held off just because we didn't feel he was ready. So we will see if he can handle it the right way!

After presents this morning we got ready for the big party with his friends at Chuck E Cheese. Oh man, is all I can say about that! The party was at noon for 12 kids and their parents along with the rest of the city who were there. CRAZY!!! I am totally exhausted as I imagine all the parents and kids who attended are too. It was just wildness, with kids running around and loud music and flashing lights. Don't get me wrong, I think everyone had a great time, or at least the kids did. It was just difficult for the parents to keep up with their kids wanting to play this game and that. I am glad we did it because Paxton had fun but I don't think it will EVER be a repeat again (I hear my parents sighing a big huge relief!) Anywho, fun, pizza, cake, loud music, tons of people, and games can only equal one thing = wild children! I am glad all of Paxton's friends got to come and those who didn't- we missed you!
Oh, and yes all the parents now officially love me even more now because I gave each child a sword and eye patch for a party gift (it was a pirate party)! Especially those who have more than one boy at home! Your welcome, and as Cheri said "I'll remember your kindness and repay you in full!"

So here are the pics from yesterday and today. I was too busy to take some really good ones but I think I got a decent amount. I hope to post another blog on Paxton and who is he now!!

The cupcake cones. I got this great idea from my friend Suzanne who made some like this for Lorelei's birthday in the spring. They turned out really cute and are easy for the kids to pick up and eat. The only difficulty was carrying them to the school without them tipping over!

Paxton's table at school.

The other table at school. Great ratio- 10 kids and 2 teachers-we do like that!

Paxton and Ms. Venable

Lorelei enjoying a cupcake before I took them to Paxton' s school.

One of the gifts from Grandmama and Grandaddy was this really cool speaker that can change your voice any many ways- it's also super loud!

This morning, Paxton with his presents at home.

Pirate Paxton. He begged for this eye patch all week and then he wore for like 2 seconds at the party- oh well!

The Peter Pan and Captain Hook Pirate Ship Cake- turned out too cute!

Don't you think I am so talented? . . .

See how I took the time for detail of the ship even in the back. . . took my hours upon hours . . .

Ok, you got me, no I did not make this. Obviously compared to my master skills on the cupcakes- Publix made this- Paxton loved it. The manager at Chuck E Cheese gave us extra tokens for the best cake award!

TJ, Ryder and Jonah watching Paxton race his car.

Aunt Jessica and Luke playing basketball- is Micah in there too?

Lorelei and Katie, the only two princesses at the party. Katie and Lorelei are so cute, giving hugs and love to each other!

A little birthday dance with the big guy himself, Chuck E Cheese.

Blowing out the candle- my camera is so slow it wouldn't actually flash in time to take the picture of him blowing it out but you get the idea.

So I also wanted to take this space to tell my sweet husband how much I appreciated the wonderful blog he did for me the other day. I love it! He took me out for a very nice QUIET dinner, just the two of us, for my 30th birthday. It was just what I needed!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday Kim

"A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.....She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: Many women do noble things but you surpass them all. Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Give her the regard she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate." Prov. 31:10-31

Hello everyone....Josh here, doing a little guest column work for Kim. As many of you know, today (Aug. 21) is Kim's 30th birthday!! I wanted to take Kim's blog for a little bit and share with everyone what a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, and friend (not that you don't already know it). She is so good to sacrifice her time and use this Blog to brag on everyone else in the family. On this, the BIG 30, we celebrate you and the wonderful, Godly woman you are!!

Where to start for someone who pretty much keeps it together for the family...Kim, mother of two, Paxton(4) and Lorelei (2), and stays at home with both, need I say more. While I am never good at sharing directly with her, she truly amazing at what she does. The interaction she has with both children, both in their unique way. Her caring and loving demeanor towards the children, her patience and persistence for their well being, her gentle and calming touch, is most amazing to watch and be a part of.

As a wife, she is always there for me when times are hard, and also when I need a quick pep talk to get back out there. She is just incredible to put up with a guy like me. She is such a Godly woman and it shows in her words and actions towards me and others. She is always seeking God's wisdom and guidance for choices we make in our life and our children, which is such and encouragement to me. She is so diligent in her relationship and walk with God, one can't help but learn from her.

Kim, I love you. I am honored to be your husband and father to our children. I have learned so much from you over the years, and am most impressed by your unwavering motivation to be a child of God. You've sacrificed your time, energy, career, space, and most everything else to teach these lessons to our children, which you know is so important to me. I respect you and everything you do even though I don't always say it. Just know that I love you forever and you and truly an amazing woman to me. Happy Birthday Kim!

Everyone, please join me, and the kids, in wishing Kim a Happy 30th Birthday!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pre K for Pax!

Well Paxton started Pre K this week. He is gone everyday for five hours (8-1). So far, so good. He seems to really like it and we like the teacher so far. I have reserved feelings about it all, trying not to get to excited about how it's going so far. Things change fast with 4 year olds! He comes home exhausted so we are finally taking consistent naps again, yeah!

It has been a big adjustment for us all getting up early and then for those of us left behind. Lorelei and I have been adjusting to being by ourselves. I have done a lot more playing then usual because Lorelei's playmate is gone. We play tea party, school and we dance to Princess music. I have been trying to find little things for us to do while Paxton is at school too. She cracks me up on a daily basis. Here's a couple of funnies Lorelei has said this week:
Lorelei (and Paxton for that matter too) insist upon their privacy while using the restroom, so I was in there with her and she said, "Mama go look at God's trees, and God's light, and God's playroom." HA! Just her way of getting me out of there.

This morning after breakfast we were singing "If you're happy and you know it" and she added a new verse. She sang, "If you're happy and you know it pick up crumbs." Hmmmm, I wonder why she would possibly say that? She must think I am one Happy Lady then!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Big Girl Bed!

Lorelei has been in her big girl bed now for a couple of months but I forgot to take pictures of it. So here are some pictures of Lorelei's big girl room and her big girl bed. She has done very well in it. She hasn't gotten up or fallen out (knock on wood) of it yet so we are really happy about that! She loves her "big girl bed" as she calls it. Everytime I put her down to sleep we have to count the butterflies hanging above her bed and say a prayer. She must have that routine in order to go off to sleep!
We worked hard on getting that furniture, bedding, canopy sheers, butterflies, etc. I had a picture in my mind of how I wanted it to be. Something to last her a long while! Loved how it turned out, but I still have a few things more to do to the walls. The important thing is that Lorelei loves it, sleeps in it and plays in it wonderfully! The pics look kind of faded but the colors and the room are really much more vibrant than what shows below.

In other Lorelei news, last week we went to the GI doctor for a check up and they dismissed us!! Yeah! They figure there is nothing else to do and that maybe she's just going to be small! I know, go figure after all those months and two years of worry, agony and tests! She is very small, 23.6 lbs and 32 inches. I don't know where that falls on the charts percentage wise but I am sure it is small. We are supposed to keep checks with our pediatrician but we don't have to go back to the GI anymore! Yeah, what a blessing! After her visit, her sweet little doctor wanted to take her upstairs to meet all the office staff and other doctors who weren't working at the hospital. One lady even gave Lorelei a brand new bear, just because she was so cute!! Lorelei of course decided to be shy and at one point she put her head up against the wall and said "This is terrible!" Oh, the drama, I wonder who she gets that from??!!!

Below are some pics that I took the other day of the kiddos. I thought they were too cute not to share!