Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! ( I sound like a Kroger commercial, ha!)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our Gingerbread House

Last week Paxton got to see the fourth graders at his school gingerbread house projects. This is a huge event every year and Paxton got to "tour the homes." Since then he has really wanted to make a gingerbread house of his own so I went to Target and got the pre-built house (thanks to my friend telling me how difficult it was to make them stand up when trying to do it on your own). The easier the better for me!

I put the icing on, and it's a good thing I don't have to ice for a living! I put all the candy out in bowls and let them have at it! They had so much fun and although it didn't look professional it sure was cute! We have had a blast making things this Christmas season and so here is one of our projects!

This is the look they give me when I tell them to make sure their eyes are open for the picture! Ha!

Whohoo for my icing job!
A little more of a natural look- I caught her smiling before she knew I was taking the picture.
Paxton wanted everything to be a pattern.
Lorelei's alligator (Joe) was having some fun eating the candy as well!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Festivities- Preschool Style!

My little Lorelei had her Christmas program this week and it was a hoot! That girl is something else. First of all she has been singing these songs for months now but when any one asks her if she is having a Christmas program she tells them no, even though she knows better. Anyway, she was so funny during the show. She became fascinated with the pre-k classes behind her and watched them the whole time- so guess what we got to see during the three year old songs?- Her back! I think she'd prefer to be with the older kids as she sang all of their songs, did their movements, and watched them during her songs! Oh my! She was also checking out her new reindeer shirt which was entirely too big for her as well! Oh and just a side note, her bow was not on top at the front of her head when I sent her to school that morning (of course it never looks like how I fixed it when I pick her up each day!) Josh says nobody noticed, but I just have to throw that in!

After the program we had her class Christmas party. I am the room mom for her class so I was running around like crazy! The kids had a blast playing Christmas bingo, eating pizza, opening lots of gifts and decorating Christmas tree brownies. Lorelei and I were exhausted by the end and we both needed a nap that day!

So here is the one song that she decided to participate in when it was actually her turn to participate. It's Away in A Manger- but the not the one you think of - a more jazzed up version!

My little curly locks!
Singing before it starts- I guess she got all of her singing out before hand.

Checkin' out her awesome reindeer shirt- man, some cool person must have made those babies!
Grandaddy kept Paxton entertained before it started.
Lorelei has her own little row of fans- Mama, Daddy, Paxton, Von, Pam, Grandmama and Grandaddy!
Checking out her cool Santa glasses that Ms. Debbie gave the class. When you put these on and look at Christmas lights, all the lights sparkle and glow like a Santa head- very cool!

Lorelei and her good friend Alli, playing Christmas Bingo. The little girls in Lorelei's class are for the most part much bigger and older than she. They like to pick her up and carry her around. They play mommy and baby all the time and Lorelei is "their" baby! They are always telling her how cute she is! Hmmm. . .now I see where her diva attitude is coming from.
Lorelei, Paxton and I spent several hours the day before making these Christmas tree brownies for her class. They turned out really cute and yummy!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Little Donkey

On Thursday, Paxton was in his kindergarten school play. They did the story of Jesus and Paxton was the donkey. When he first told me that was what he was going to be, I thought it was a little odd that they picked him for that part but then his teacher told us that he really wanted to be the donkey. Now every time we see a Nativity scene, he says "there's me!"
Anyway, he has known his lines for a while and he did a super job-he was super cute too! He has been singing his songs all month too. It was such a great show and very well done- his teachers and music director did great! We were so glad that Grandaddy, Grandmama, Pam, Von, Aunt Jessica, Luke, Nathan and Micah and of course Daddy, Mama and Lorelei could be there for his show! We did get some video with our camera that can go on blogger so enjoy the clips and pics of our little donkey!

The Nativity Group

Daddy, Paxton and Mama
Best buds, Paxton and Beckham
Emma Claire and Paxton
Von and Pam
Granddaddy and Grandmama
Paxton's kindergarten class
Paxton's class with Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Turbeville
Pax and Lorelei
Miss Prissy Poo!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting into the Season!

We are getting into the holiday season, decorating, seeing Santa and our yearly bronchitis and breathing treatments! I spent last week sick and now I have lovingly passed my sickness on to the whole family! Paxton and Lorelei are both on multiple medications and breathing treatments while Josh tries to brave through his sickness!

But seriously, after fixing the leak in our roof this weekend, we spent the day decorating the house with lights, trees and wreaths. We decided to go with a fake tree this year after Nana informed us about the new study that came out about real trees and mold in the house. We have enough sickness without adding a moldy tree to it! My parents were kind enough to let us have their old one and we really love it! It is quite large and we are still looking for that perfect tree topper, so if you have any ideas, let me know!!

The kid enjoyed seeing Santa on Friday night! Lorelei was super excited and Paxton was as well but in an older way. They of course added to their wish list, things that "Santa" didn't know they wanted, like a Princess yo-yo and Lego's topping the list over a Wii! "Santa" is going to have to get busy rounding up the last of the gifts! This picture with Santa was take number 51 as Lorelei cannot and will not look at the camera and smile at the same time! Santa's smile looks a little forced but now you know why!

We are looking forward to doing more Christmas stuff over the next few weekends. Lorelei, Grandmama, and I went to see the Nutcracker Ballet yesterday as one of the first weekend events! Lorelei did great and it was nice to see the ballet after so many years. Below are some of the obligatory Christmas pictures in front of the Christmas tree. Gotta run now, two sick kiddos want to use the computer after being at home all day! Enjoy!

Paxton loves to use our camera to take pictures now!

Thanksgiving Week

It was a blessing for us to be in Arkansas this year for Thanksgiving. The cousins are now at an age where they have a blast playing together- and it's easy entertainment for us too! Paxton and Lorelei loved playing with Riley and Emily this year. Of course Chloe is still little but she will catch up with the big kids soon!

Nana had a great surprise for the kids when we go to Arkansas, bunk beds! They were so happy to be able to sleep in the bunk beds, super cool. Papa and Uncle Jon hooked a wagon up to the riding lawn mower and the kids loved riding around the yard and the street on the wagon ride. Josh and I got up at 3 am and joined the crazy black Friday shoppers! This was our first year to join the crazies out there, and it was crazy, but not as bad as I thought. We got some good shopping done and were done with the early stuff by 6am. So here are some pics of the kids having fun at their Nana and Papa's house. We are looking forward to a visit from them soon!

Uncle Jerry and Chloe

Josh with Nana and Papa

The cousins having too much fun on the bunk beds: Lorelei, Emily, Paxton and Riley

This little girl is a ball of energy!

Aunt Amy helping the kiddos make turkey cookies. Yummy!

Two little Pumpkins on Thanksgiving Day.

Paxton the puzzle man!

Uncle Jon and the wagon riders!
Riley, isn't she a cutie?

Daddy taking the gang for a ride.

Good times, you can't do this just anywhere!