Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Princess Camp

Last week Lorelei went to learn how to be a Princess at Princess Camp. Yes, there is actually a whole week of camp here where they teach these little girls how to sing, dance and act like a Princess. It was too cute really! Everyday she got to dress up like any Princess that she wanted to and she went to her ballet studio. They learned songs, did crafts and learned new dances. There was a Royal Ball the last day and all of the parents were invited to see their Princesses dance and sing. Lorelei's group sang a song from Snow White and danced to a Cinderella song. Just so cute really. There were a ton of little girls there, ages 3-6. It was fun to see them all dressed up everyday in their costumes. Here are some pictures of her Royal Highness at the Ball!

Singing "Wishing for the One that I Love."

Sweet Ballerina

My tiny dancer!

Flowers for all the Princesses. Lorelei's daddy brought her a dozen pink roses too- isn't he sweet?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cooling Off!

It's hot here, really really hot! So we have been hitting the pool almost everyday to beat the heat. We usually have it to ourselves and the kids and I love spending our afternoons just hanging and playing in the pool to stay cool! Paxton is doing awesome with his swimming. His swim teacher said he has the best stroke she has ever seen for a five year old! He is just really getting the hang of it. He can now to do freestyle and backstroke the entire length of an Olympic size pool. He's also pretty proud of his handstand that he just learned to do! His daddy is an awesome swimmer so he must have gotten it from him (once again, the athletic gene is NOT from me!)

Lorelei is putting her face in and and blowing bubbles now. She is also starting to go all the way under by herself. She is definitely more timid of the water without her Barbie floaties. She will swim all over the place with those babies on, but without them she's not so sure.

Doing his handstand!

Lorelei insists on wearing her Barbie goggles all the time in the pool!

Face in!
That's a proud face right there!

Showing off his freestyle.

Here is the other place we have been cooling off this summer, the 3-D shark slip n' slide! We actually had another one that was much smaller but Paxton kept catapulting off the end of it so we upgraded to a bigger size. The kids love this thing!

They of course have to wear the 3-D goggles for the special effect!


Lorelei needs a little help from daddy. She doesn't quite have that run, jump and slide thing down yet.

Now that's a picture of little boy happiness!

Crash! Hope you are staying cool this summer too!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

School's Out for the Summer!

The end of the school year has come and gone here but since the computer has been broken I haven't been able to upload any pictures. Lorelei had her end of the school year party at the local park. We had a big picnic and set the class butterflies free too! Lorelei had such a wonderful group of kids and parents in her class and her teachers, Ms. Debbie and Ms. Rachel were such blessing to Lorelei. We can't believe she will be in Pre-K next year! They gave out awards as well and surprise surprise Lorelei is most likely to be a teacher when she grows up (this is a gentle way of saying she likes to run things in the classroom!)

All the parents decorated the cars and we had a little "parade of cars" to the park- so fun!

Lorelei and her good friend Damian hanging out in the parking lot ready for some fun.

You can't tell in this picture but Lorelei is leading the prayer for the butterflies to fly away free and happy!

There they go!

Addison, Lorelei and Katie

Mmmm. . . blue ring pops! If that doesn't mean summer is here I don't know what does?!

Alli and Lorelei enjoying some ice cream.

Here we come Pre-K!

Paxton's end of the school year party had a western theme, if you can't tell. We went for the bandanna and jean look, we aren't exactly western people. They had set up a bunch of western games with a DJ who played lots of music and kept the party going.
Paxton loved his first year in kindergarten! We were so happy with his teachers and school this year. Everything went so well for him and he really wanted to be there, didn't want to miss a minute! Next year Paxton will be going to K-6, which is kind of between K-5 and first grade. It's going to be a great year for him to develop and mature. He will also be one of the oldest when he gets to first grade instead of the very youngest. We are really looking forward to another year in the Village!

Digging for gold.

Ella and Paxton

Doing some expert shooting practice!

Hula Hooping is not our sport!

Paxton and his best bud, Beckham. Love this Pic!

This is the closest thing Paxton has ever been on to riding a horse.

My Cowboy!

Limbo anyone?

And one last silly picture from this sweet group of kiddos! Can't believe the year is over!