Monday, June 11, 2012

End of the 2012 School Year

So if you are friends with me on facebook, you have seen all these pictures. I just wanted to post a little update on the old blog. So glad that summer is finally here! It's wonderful to get to sleep late everyday (the kids sleep until about 9:00 unless I need them up earlier). We are still busy doing camps and the like but it still a slower pace.

So here are some pictures from the end of the school year: Mother's Day, Field Day and Recital Days!

Me and My girl on Mother's Day
Lala and Pax

Me and the folks!

My sweet hubby

Paxton at his piano recital. He is doing so well with piano. When he plays people are shocked at how well he does!

Lorelei and her ballet teacher Ms. Claire.

Field Day for Lorelei

Look at that girl go!

Sweet friends: Katie and Lorelei

BEST PICTURE EVER! This pretty much sums up field day for Lorelei and Katie.

This guy can RUN!


and SACK RACE! Paxton did great at field day, at or near the top in all the events for first grade!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Birthday Girl!!! Look who's 6!

Look who is 6!! Another year older for sweet Lorelei! We had a wonderful time last weekend celebrating Lorelei's birthday with friends and family. The weekend started off with an American Girl doll party with all of Lorelei's girlfriends. Each girl brought her favorite doll to the party. We did the doll's hair, played American Girl Doll Bingo and made a craft (Cootie Catchers-remember those?!!). Lorelei is not a big cake girl so we had brownie cupcakes with chocolate ice cream! The girls had a great time with each other, laughing and giggling like little 6 year old girls do!

Lorelei has had a fabulous kindergarten year, nothing but pure fun and joy! She is doing so well reading (reading big chapter books) and still loves doing ballet each week. The older she gets the more I realize what an easy and good child she is and has been! She is just so sweet natured and wants to love everybody! Of course, she is not perfect, but I just can eat up her sweetness. She promises to always be my baby! It's still so hard to see her getting so big! Happy 6th Birthday Big Girl!!

The Set Up- Jilly (her AG look like me doll) and Kanani (2011 Girl of the Year) were our centerpieces. McKenna (2012 girl of the year) made her debut dressed like Lorelei at this party!

Goody bags for her sweet friends!

The Salon where we did the doll's hair.

The Birthday Girl before the guests arrived. I am pleased with how everything turned out and even how it went but it was SO much work. I told Josh that it would be a long time before we hosted another at home party!

Now lots of CUTE pictures of the Birthday Girl Lorelei and her doll McKenna in matching outfits!

Doing some hair! Even Daddy got in on the action!

Some of our sweet guests! Aidyn, Alexandra, Avery, Taylor, Maren Sarah, Belle, Katie, Bianca (Counterclock wise)

Lorelei and Ashlea (ones not pictured in previous pic)

LOVE this face of pure happiness!!!

Waiting to blow out her 6 candle.

Some more of our "guests"

Having some brownie cupcakes and a good time!

American Girl Doll Bingo. The girls just loved playing this game. I think we could have done this the entire time and they would have been happy!

So the rest of the pictures on are facebook! So click the link to see them! (See how lazy I am getting?)

Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm BACK!!

Amazing. It only took me all day to load these few pictures. Now I remember why I have been away from blogging for soooo long! Anywho, life here has been crazy as always. Lots going on in our life the last few months, but God is good and faithful and is bringing us through it all!

The kids keep growing and getting bigger and older. They amaze me everyday, they also make me tired, ha! Paxton is almost finished with first grade, he is so smart-knows his multiplication tables (self taught), square roots through 16, division, and on it goes. It's so funny how he just loves learning math. He will probably pass me up next year! Paxton is also playing soccer with his travel team, which is always keeping us busy. Of course his bout with Pneumonia kept him away from the fields for a few weeks.

My sweet little girl is going to be 6 in a week, I just can't believe it. Neither can anyone else when they see how small she is! I was buying party supplies last week and the store clerk looked at her and asked if she was turning 4! So little but also so smart! She is a great leader in her class and reads super well! She is still loving ballet and her recital is coming up soon.

So we stay busy with the kiddos, Josh is busy with work and I am busy usually subbing at the kid's school or running around trying to get all my errands done in one day if I have off! So here are some pictures you all probably saw on Facebook, but I will share again. A few from Easter Sunday. Hopefully I will keep up with all the craziness that April and May bring, we'll see!

The Cousins, Paxton (7), Micah(3), Luke (8), Nathan (6), Jude (22 mon), Lorelei (5)