Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not to be outdone . . .

So not to be outdone by anybody, especially his little sister, Paxton wanted to share a song too. I think he learned it at school or he made it up, kind of hard to tell. In case you are wondering, he is saying "worth" not "walk" in the song. I was a little confused at first but after listening to it again I got it! LOL!

Friday, March 20, 2009

An Ode to Spring

Here is a little song in honor of springtime about a fuzzy caterpillar. Lorelei loves this song that she learned in Bible class and sings it all the time- too cute!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cosmic Bowling

This past weekend was the kids' cousin Luke's 5th birthday and he decided to have it a bowling party. Not just any bowling but Cosmic Bowling! It was pretty neat with the disco balls and flashing lights going, all the kids had a really fun time. I didn't know how long my kids would hold out bowling but they both enjoyed almost two whole rounds of it. We have been bowling several times before but it was so nice to have family with us this time to help entertain the kids in between turns! Paxton of course loved keeping up with everyone's score and Lorelei just loved everyone being together! Aunt Jessica made the cutest Curious George cake too! It was a great day to bowl too because it was so yucky outside. It's been raining here for days, I think I just saw Noah float by!

Luke blowing out his candles!
Paxton and his Aunt Pam

Paxton and Lala

Lorelei and her Aunt Von

Doing a little bowling with daddy's help!
Big boy doing it on his own of course!
David, Nathan, Annabelle, Paxton, Luke and Lorelei

Curious George cake!

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Big Top!

Last week we got to go to The Big Apple Circus. The exciting part for me was that I actually won those 4 tickets! Yes, I have never really won anything before so I was so excited when they called me a couple of weeks ago to tell me I had won. I had been wanting to take the kids but we had decided we would not because of our upcoming vacations. Anyway, we had a fabulous time and my mom got to go with us because Lorelei was actually free (no I wasn't leaving Granddaddy out, he was just out of town!). The kids, especially Paxton, were really excited about getting to go. Lorelei has never been to the circus but Paxton has gone to the Ringling Brothers Circus a couple of years ago.
The show itself was really cute with clowns and lots of acrobatic acts. It's definitely one of those small town feel circuses but we all enjoyed it all the same. Paxton's favorite part was when the trapeze acts fell a few times, he thought that was hilarious to see them fall down to the net. Lorelei of course loved the girls in the pretty dresses and the ballerina type acts. Both kids loves the dog trick show! We enjoyed some cotton candy and had a great time. I couldn't take pictures once the show had started so here are some we took before!
On the way to the circus, kiddos in the car seats.
The band area.
Lorelei is seeing the clown for the first time!
And just a cute one of my pouty Princess!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow, snot and sophistication!

We have been quite busy this past week with all that is mentioned in my blog title. Lorelei would be the "snot" part. Not that she is a snot but more like she has so much of it we don't know what to do with it. On Tuesday, as Paxton was finishing his round of meds, I took Lorelei to the doctor to find out that she too had bronchitis, except much worse off. Well the doctor put the poor baby on so much medication that she has been miserable this week. With the antibiotics, steroids and breathing treatments she has cried all week and just wanted to be held! Oh and of course we are absolutely not eating either! Bless her little heart, I wanted to take her off the meds but when I called they said no way. Yesterday was her last day and I am telling you she is a totally different child today. She is so happy and perky, snotty too! Hopefully that last bit of coughing and snot will go away without the need for more medicine!

My Little Thumbsucker- poor baby!

Ok, on to the sophisticated part. Josh and I had a real treat TWICE this week to get to go out and be adults! On Tuesday night we went to a reception and had lovely food and got to watch a fantastic play! We really enjoyed ourselves! Then last night, we had a black tie event! We haven't been that dressed up since our wedding. It was gala for a medical foundation that Josh went to for his business. Josh looked so handsome in his tux and I got to put on a pretty dress and get my nails done! Whoohoo! That doesn't happen much either! So anyway, it was a fun but very long evening! Thanks to grandmama for spending the night over here so we could be out late to enjoy ourselves! And thanks to Lala, Pam, Von and Grandaddy who also helped watch the kiddos this week.
Ah, so today, on March 1, after no snow all winter we got a day full of it! We had pretty much given up on the idea of snow this year but low and behold is snowed for 6 hours straight today. We probably have 2-3 inches of snow and it was so beautiful. I love getting all comfy and knowing that you are going to be snowed in for a while. The kids of course, especially Paxton, were super excited to see the huge snowflakes coming down. We only went out for a little while with them both recovering from bronchitis (I can see it now: "No, doctor, I have no idea how they got pneumonia, I have been so careful with them!"). Anyway, it was amazingly cold as well and it was all Josh and I could stand to be out!
So now you are all updated. Josh has been after me for a while about my slow updates but you know, I do my best!