Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whew, what a weekend!

We just got back from a wonderful weekend in Nashville, Tennessee. It really was a lot of fun for the whole family. Why Nashville? Well my wonderful sweet friend from college, Christie Perry, was getting married this weekend, so of course I couldn't miss it! We decided months ago that we would all go and stay with our friends the Duncans while we were there. Unfortunately, their kids came down with an ugly virus and we didn't get to stay with them or even see them! But we managed to find a hotel and have a great time anyway!

Thursday night, I got to go to a wonderful dinner at the bride's sister's house. Julie hosted a wonderful party for Christie and her friends. It was so great to see all my sweet friends from college again! We love getting together every summer and this summer we were blessed to see each other for Christie's wedding! Josh and the kids hung out at the hotel and did some swimming. The next day we went to Murfreesboro to Ashley's house, where the all the girls were staying. Ashley took us to this really cool science kids museum. It was very hands on and my kids loved it! Of course Lorelei loved some parts a little too much (see picture below). I am loving this new camera and we took tons of pictures, believe me when I say this is the narrowed down version. I will post more later about our weekend but I had so many pics from the museum that I had to make a whole post about it.

Emily and me.

Ashley and me

Emily and her sweet baby Ameila. Such a cutie!

The beautiful bride to be, Christie.

Pax at the museum. This kid loves to figure out how things work, this place was perfect for him!

Lorelei and Noah on the giraffes!

A little water experiment.

I have no idea about this one, daddy took this pic.

Ashley and her sweet kiddo Noah.

Lorelei was loving digging in the rocks for fossils.

Don't be decieved by her smile, wait for it . . .

This exhibit was perfect for Paxton since he is very much into dinosaurs right now.

Dad and Mom looking happy and pleased with our well behaved . . .

Oh, wait did I say well behaved? Ahh, yes my favorite shot of the weekend. Lorelei in a full out tantrum because we made her leave the rock site. We are just so mean and she wanted to make sure to let all my friends and everyone at the museum know it!

Moments later. . .happiness with a new exhibit. This is what happens when a little lady doesn't get her nap AND goes to bed late!

Doing some construction work.

Lorelei was really into these blocks!

The slide that went from the top to bottom floor. Paxton loved this slide and went down it many times.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swing, batter batter!

Paxton just finished up two months of tball he did great! It was our first go at any type of league/team sports. We decided to start off light and go with a local church league. All the boys or girls were in pre-k or kindergarten but Paxton was amongst the youngest because of his late summer birthday. The season started off cool but it warmed up quickly! We were sweating through the last few games and practices.

Paxton's team name was the Mariners, after getting changed three times, it was hard for all of us to keep up with the name of his team! All the kids did a great job fielding and hitting off the t and most hit by pitch the last few games, including Paxton. Luckily, it was way low pressure and most of the dads stood out on the field with their boys, no outs or anything like that. It took a few games but Paxton finally got the hang of running the bases and throwing the ball to first base after a hit. Of course, we had our moments of "picking daisies in the outfield" which were more like digging for bugs, and we had our moments of learning that we can't get the ball every time. Overall it was good learning experience for Paxton and I think he enjoyed it. Don't think we will be headed back in the fall because of school starting. We want to give this kid a chance to get adjusted to going to school all day (boohoo!) The season ended with a cookout at the church and certificates for all the kids.

Oh and by the way, do you love my new photography talent? Ok, I am not really that talented but having a new camera sure does help! Josh surprised me with a new Nikon D60 for our anniversary. I must admit, that we stole the camera idea from my friend and fellow blogger, Emily. We were so impressed with her beautiful shots that we had to get one too, well that and our other camera was over 5 years old!!

Miss Priss thought that she needed a snack for every game. She was actually quite patient with the whole tball game, of course it helped that grandmama and grandaddy were there most of the time to entertain!

Ready for the catch!

Paxton hit the first pitch of the game!

Nothing like Daddy waiting for you at third base to congratulate your great hit!

Good job, buddy!

Just a little pout, a usual face around here!

Oh, now I am happy!

Swing, batter batter!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

10 Big Ones!!

On Friday, Josh and I celebrated our ten year anniversary! Yes, we did get married quite early (in jr. high my friends joke!) but it has been 10 great years! We have done a lot of growing up together and through the years we have been through a lot! God has blessed us with two wonderful beautiful children and we are so thankful for them! Josh is a wonderful husband to me! He is always doing special things for me and wants to make me happy! He loves to see and our kids happy, it really brings him joy! He is such a great spiritual leader for our family. God has brought us both so far. I can't wait to see what the next 10 hold!

We got to have a special date night on our anniversary. We cherish this time because it is very rare! We went downtown to eat and we got to see a movie! We were trying to remember the last time we saw a movie together and we honestly could not remember! I guess that is just the stage of life that we are in, as one of my dear friends says!

We got to eat at the top of this beautiful hotel downtown. It rotates all the way around in one hour. So cool!

10 Wonderful Years! I love you honey!

Friday, June 19, 2009


If I haven't mentioned it before, Miss Lorelei loves purple. She begs to wear this purple dress or anything purple daily! So I thought I would let her wear this today and sing a most treasured song in her opinion, the purple color song! Don't mind the poor camera quality, we have a real video camera but I don't know how to transfer it to blogger, so this clip is from my camera.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No, I haven't forgotten

No, folks I haven't forgotten how to blog and I haven't forgotten that I have a blog (I have a husband who reminds me daily!). I just haven't had the time to do it! You would think summer would bring an easier schedule but between tball, swim lessons, gymnastics, Family Bible week and Josh being out of town, I just have been too pooped to do it! Tball ends this week and now that Josh is back and FBW is over, hopefully I will have some more time! Of course I must mention the like 10 couples in our class who have just had babies, so we are cooking lots over here too!
This past weekend we got to go to a Minor League Baseball game. It was super close to us and we really enjoyed it. We brought our foam finger and tomahawk from last year (yes, a lesson I have learned, buy it once and take it with you from that point on!) They also had inflatables in the outfield that the kids loved jumping in before the game.

Paxton was pretty interested in the game for a while since he is currently playing tball, I think he gets it more. Lorelei was not really interested but entertained herself pretty well with the foam finger and the snacks we got. About half way through the game a pop fly was hit right into the crowd and a little girl sitting about 3 rows in front of us got smacked in the face. You can imagine it was not a pretty scene. Josh was so paranoid the rest of the game! He didn't want the kids to touch or distract him because he was so afraid the ball would fly our way again and he wanted to be ready to protect the kids. He said next time we were sitting behind the net! Anyway, I did manage to remember my camera and take a few pictures. Maybe it won't be another month before I blog again!
Do you like the grip Paxton has on Lorelei? This is a fun new battle we fight. He thinks he must control her moves, especially near streets and she screams bloody murder everytime, lovely.

Spider Pax!
Go Team!

The mascot that entertained the crown and Lorelei for a while.