Sunday, November 30, 2008

Running Behind!

Ok, blogger friends, I know, my blog has been a little slack lately! But I do have good reasons for it! Let me back up a week or so and explain. First of all my dad went to Africa and then my Granny got very sick and had to be put in the hospital. So I spent a lot of time with my mom, since my dad was gone, at the hospital. We were also in the midst of trying to get ready for our trip to Arkansas to see Josh's family. So anyway, dad came back early from Africa, so we decided to leave but THEN Paxton decided to eat a quarter! Yep, that's right, after we had spent the whole day in the hospital with Granny we went to pick up Paxton and Josh gave him a quarter. No biggie right? Well, if you know little boys and especially my little boy, you know that he can't be still. So the quarter went in his mouth and he was jumping up and down . . . and well, the quarter went down too! It was actually quite scary at the time because he did begin choking on it and Josh hit him on the back and it went down. He was quite upset too! We called the Children's Healthcare line and they said because he had choked, it could have gone down the wrong way. So . . once again for the third time this year, we took Pax to the ER for an x-ray! At least this time nothing was broken. Just a big ole quarter in his little belly. He was and is doing fine now. But let me tell you, there's nothing like sitting for hours in a hospital to going to another hospital with another family member. Oh the fun!

So, then we came home exhausted and tried to pack hastily for Arkansas. We left the next day and just got back! We are totally tired and my mind is running like crazy. I feel way behind on lots of stuff and with the holidays and all . . . well you know. It also looks as if I will be taking my son to the doctor tomorrow for breathing treatments (bad cough). Please pray for my granny as she is out of the hospital and in rehabilitation now. She has Congestive Heart Failure and is very weak so they are hoping to help strengthen her there. I guess that is all for now. I will post later on our trip, we had a great time and I have some cute pics to share.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Good times, good friends!

We had a pretty busy weekend and I took along my camera to capture our weekend moments. We started Saturday morning off with my nephew's 3rd birthday party. Nathan turned 3 and he had a hot wheels party. Paxton had a blast playing swords in the backyard, while Lorelei chowed down on two pieces of pizza (yeah, we were shocked too!). Saturday evening we took the kids to the movie Madagascar 2. Paxton had been working on getting all "green lights" at school that week, so that was his reward. Anyway, cute movie but a little above a 4 year olds' head. By the end of the movie Lorelei was chatting in the aisle with others who had not quite gotten it either.
Sunday after church we were able to go the Cheesecake factory to meet up with my good college friend Nichele and her husband Rick (yes girls, Nichele is still alive and well and I have pictures to prove she still exists!!- Just kidding Nissa, you know I love ya!). They were up here for a conference and Nichele and I will jump at any chance to go the Cheesecake Factory. Oh and this is just for my college friends: Guess what she ordered? You know it, Key Lime Pie Cheesecake- ah yes, memories of the good ole days!

So in between all that we had the regular weekend stuff going on and so by last night at Bible study I about fell asleep on the couch during Josh's lesson! Here are the random pics of our fun filled weekend.

Paxton loved riding his cousin's four wheeler around!

Sword fighting with Uncle Matt and the boys!

Nathan blowing out the candle of his cute race car cake

And here she is . . . Nichele and Rick (see I told you I had pictures to prove it!)

It was so good to see my sweet friend Nichele- we should do it again soon!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My sweetie!

I just wanted to keep everyone updated on Lorelei and her progress lately. Just to recap (in case you don't know) we went to her pediatrician in October to hear that she was "failing to thrive" again, and that she needed some physical therapy. Since then, we have had a feeding evaluation, been to GI doctor and started physical therapy. First, the feeding evaluation found that Lorelei has tongue issues with sweeping her food back and forth in her mouth. She has little tongue movement and poor right side chewing skills (her whole right side of her body is weaker than the left because of the bleed-we already knew that part). So anyway that explains why she doesn't eat a variety of foods-because she can't or she gets tired easily. It was really interesting that we just are now figuring this out. We should start feeding therapy through a speech therapist after Thanksgiving to address these issues.
So in addition to that, Lorelei is on reflux medicine again as well as an appetite stimulant. The two of these have helped her gain the weight back that she lost so she weighed in at the GI on Monday at 24 pounds 7 oz.! She hasn't grown length wise in about 6 months though. Anyway, GI also believes that she may have some sort of bacteria in her stomach, but this would be just a short term thing (like last two months) which could have caused the initial weight loss. So we are testing for that and are going to take antibiotics if it comes back positive. We will return to GI next month to discuss growth issues.

Lastly, Lorelei started back with physical therapy last month to work on some motor issues. She is not yet running or jumping at 2 1/2, which she should be doing. It goes back to not having the power on the right side of her body to do those things. Luckily we got to go back to her physical therapist from the spring, and Lorelei loves her! It's hard work for her and she is so tired but she still loves Ms. Christy and loves to go.

So, that about sums it up for right now. I stay busy chasing down doctors, prescriptions and Josh and I both have been working on insurance to pay for the amount of both therapies that she needs. Lorelei is precious, precious and has the sweetest little heart! She is loved and adored by all her teachers, therapists, friends and family. Such a true blessing to her mama! So enjoy the pics, as usual, she will not look at the camera! (Anybody have tricks to get a two year old to look into the camera for more that 2 seconds?)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A few new pics

Here are some pictures from Halloween night. The kiddos had a great time of course. Daddy was the brave one and took them both around our neighborhood while I stayed and handed out candy. The "candy" they choose to eat that night was a rice krispies bar- too funny.

The next set of pics I took one day after their nap. They just could not wake up and I thought they looked so cute laying there on my bed (no, they do not take naps on my bed that was where they went after I woke them up from their naps.)

Ahh, my little thumb sucker! And now one hand on the ear and the other in her mouth.