Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Catching Up- Snow Days!

So far behind I am, but I have good excuses. Blame it on the swine flu AND the strep that I had last week and this week, how is that for an excuse? Yes, I have been quite the sick one, but thankfully I am the only one who has had it!
A couple of weekends ago we had a lovely snow! Paxton was already off for winter break so we got to sit and watch it snow for a whole day! It was really pretty and we got about 5 inches, which is quite a bit for here! The kids loved it of course and had fun playing it for two days. We tried to build a snowman but no such luck, however the kids and daddy's snow angels were very beautiful! We decorated Grandmama and Grandaddy's yard with snow angels after we were through with ours! It twas fun! That's all for now, still catching up with life after being out of it for a week!

My little snow angel all ready to go out and play.

The first day of snow (it's not 5 inches yet!)

My snow boy!

Checking it out!

Paxton loved pegging Daddy with snowballs!

Don't you love my umbrella? I couldn't find my ski cap so I borrowed Lorelei's umbrella!

Going to get daddy again!

Some snow scenery!
Day two of snow!

My pitiful attempt at making a snowman for the kids. By day 2 the snow was too powdery for it to stick together. Oh well, I tried!

Little Snow Angel!