Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt #1

Lorelei had the first of four Easter Egg Hunts this past weekend for her Sunday school class. They have such a sweet little class and wonderful teachers who have moved up with them, and hopefully will next year too!
Lorelei had the Easter egg hunt at her friends Belle's house. She really racked up on the eggs too! She had a whole basket full! The kids had fun gathering the eggs eating cupcakes and then playing in Belle's awesome backyard! We have several more hunts ahead this week, so here are the pictures from this past weekend.

There they go!
She's on a mission.

Proud of her loot!

Lorelei and Mia

Checking out what yummy candy is inside.

Doing some modeling in between activities!

Lorelei and Ms. Carmen, one of her wonderful teachers!

Enjoying some cupcakes, of course Lorelei preferred the Jelly Bellies on the table (she is her father's daughter!)

This is the face I got when I asked her to smile. Oh and yes, check out the earrings, they are REAL! We got her ears pierced this weekend, no not her tongue or belly button, but her ears! I think she looks precious and she is very proud of them!

Cathy, Belle's mom, did a great job decorating for the party!

After egg hunt activities, scooter fun.

Jumping! The other little girl in the picture goes to Belle's school and her name is Lorelei also! We have met her at some parties before. The two Lorelei's love playing together!

Maren, Lorelei and Lorelei!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wacky Week

We have been really busy and let's face it, I have just not felt the love for blogging lately! You know you get in a rut and I just didn't want to do it. But alas, here I am again to post some precious pictures of my babies.
Wacky Week was a couple of weeks ago during Dr. Seuss's birthday week. Lorelei got to have a wacky dress day at school and Paxton had a whole week of wacky fun! One day he wore red, white and blue, one day they wore shirts with words on them, one day was pajama day and one day was crazy sock day. The last day was dress like a book character (no not Spider Man, Super Man etc- although some parents just don't think they have to follow those guidelines). So Paxton dressed like King Arthur. He has just finished reading The Sword in the Stone and King Arthur and the Black Knight so we thought it would be appropriate for him to dress up like that. Of course he couldn't take his actual sword to school but you get the idea. Unfortunately for me I didn't get a picture before school and the costume was disassembled by afternoon pickup time! And if you don't know, dressing differently for Paxton was extra fun because he wears a uniform to school everyday.
We are gearing up for Easter and Spring Break so I will TRY to post some of those pictures soon. Here are some of Miss Priss from today before school- such a cutie!

Trying on some duds I had made for Disney!

Yes, you look cute!
During wacky week, Paxton and Lorelei enjoyed dress up time at home too!

My Power Ranger!

My damsel in distress!

Wacky sock day- let me tell you it is hard to find wacky socks for a five year old boy that don't look babyish. We looked everywhere and finally found these fire socks.

Pajama Day

Wacky dress day at Lorelei's school.

Let me tell you, it was hard for this matchy-matchy mama to let go and come "unmatched" for the day. It was funny after school I remembered I had left something at the mall and so I had to take Lorelei to my mom's house because of her wackiness!

Still cute even though she doesn't match!

Some Paxton photography skills

Josh and I got to go to a yearly Gala he goes to for work purposes. Always fun to get a new dress and have a night out with your hubby!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Don't worry, I am still around! We are having technical difficulites with our computer and camera. Not sure which one is the problem or both. I should have pictures up soon. . . stay tuned!