Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lorelei in Wonderland

Lorelei gets to have "fun week" on the last Friday of every month in her ballet/tap class. So here is Lorelei in Wonderland ready to tap it out for dance class!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oops! Christmas Day!

So I have nearly forgotten what happened on Christmas Day but I did remember that I haven't posted pictures of it. I have been camera lazy lately and not very good about taking lots of pictures anyway. Here are a few from Christmas Day. It was a different day for our family for many reasons that I won't get into, but we had fun.
The kids were super excited on Christmas morning, as you can see on their silly little faces! I think they were pleased with what Santa left them and of course he wrote back to them on the letters they left for him as well.

Lorelei's Stash

Paxton's stash

Love that face, it captures it all for the day!

He is very excited about Donkey Kong vs Mario Bro. DS game.

Lorelei was all about Rapunzel this Christmas season.

Christmas day love!
More Rapunzel love.

At Lorelei's school they have a Secret Santa shop, where the kids go and shop for their family members. Daddy loves his new flashlight that Lorelei picked out.
Nothing says joy like a Hello Kitty water bottle.

We got to spend Christmas Day with my sister and her family who came up from Florida. Here I am with my cute little nephew Junior. Isn't he just precious?
Lorelei loved playing with Junior and Veronica too!
Lorelei, Grandmama and Veronica, the only two girls out of 9 grandchildren!
Lorelei, Veronica and Anthony checking out Lorelei's leapster!
So yes, boo on me because these are the only pictures I took on Christmas Day 2010. Like I said, it was a different day for us, but no excuse, next year I shall return to my way too many picture taking skills!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some late Fall Pictures

We had these pictures done in late November but I was using some of them for our Christmas cards. Josh and I loved how these turned out. We knew Lorelei could give us the "look" but had no idea Paxton had it too! LOL!

Look, Paxton is levitating!