Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some Field Day Action!

My big lil' man had field day last week at school! His first field day of many and boy was it a hot one! I think he really enjoyed it and he did pretty well too! The best part of it was he was very laid back about it all, not caring who won or not. Of course in kindergarten they don't keep track of who won or not, everybody gets ribbons! It was a really fun day for us all and I got to hang out with Paxton's class all day.

We are just so proud an pleased with how this year has gone for Paxton. Thanks to his wonderful teachers and wonderful school!

Being the ever silly little boy!
Paxton's class dressed in white for field day.

The soccer kick!

The 50 yard dash. Paxton loves running fast but we always have to remind to look forward when he is running. He likes to look around to see where everybody is in the race.

The long jump. This boy can JUMP, like his daddy! Seriously I cannot jump as far as he can!

Paxton's kindergarten class.

Being silly!

The Spoon race.

Such concentration!

The Shuttle Run- or relay race between classes. Paxton's class came in second only behind K6, which are the bigger older kids anyway.
The sack race.

Paxton and his buddy Beckham getting ready for the three legged race.

Getting ready for some flag tag- not our best game!

Lorelei joined us for the afternoon portion and she got to play dolls with Maren!

Let me just tell you, these are the SWEETEST two little girls that you will find anywhere!
Wait! Is that Josh getting ready for some flag tag?

Yes it is! And it appears that he is quite good at this game! Josh won and beat all the other parents and teachers in the flag tag game. Way to go Daddy!
Paxton was very proud!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Birthday girl

Lorelei had a fabulous birthday with lots of love and attention from those around her! We started the day off with a brunch at Paxton's school where everybody loved all over the Birthday Princess! Then Lorelei went to her school and had more fun and attention. She was the line leader (this is a big deal!) and got to wear a special star crown and birthday vest. After lunch I brought brownie cupcakes with pink icing, per the birthday girl's request! Of course she was just so excited she had about two bites and then was finished!

In the afternoon, daddy came home with some Barbie balloons and she got to open her gifts from us. She is loving her new pink Leapster and we are working on learning to ride the new Barbie bike! Later, after her favorite meal of beef stroganoff (I know right?!) the whole family came over for a Barbie birthday extravaganza!! We found the most perfect Barbie cake from Publix for the party and it was a hit even with a brother and 3 (almost 4) boy cousins! Lorelei just loves celebrating and being with others. She's loving her new Barbie horse and convertible and is begging me daily to cook on her new Princess Mini Bake Oven (we will do it eventually!)
I say this every year, but Lorelei is such a HUGE blessing and an answer to so many many prayers! She had such a rough start to life but I couldn't ask for anything more from my little Boo! We love her so much and are very proud of who she is becoming and how much she loves God! She is always saying little things like "God made everything!, God sent his son Jesus for us!, God loves us!" I just love it!

Ready to do some celebrating at her school!

Mmmmm . . . brownie cupcakes!

Ms. Debbie with the Birthday girl!

Getting ready to say the blessing over the food.

Singing and dancing the Birthday song. . . cha, cha, cha!

At home, opening presents from mommy and daddy.

Yes! A purple tinkerbell nightgown, sweet!

The new Barbie ride!

LOVIN' this Barbie cake!

One of the MEGA balloons that daddy brought home for his Princess.

4 Pink Balloons for the newly 4 year old!

Show me some style girl!

LOVE this shot!

A little pouty face . . . just practicing her modeling faces!

Checking out some more presents!

Sharing some birthday smiles with daddy!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

The BIG 4!

My baby girl turns 4 today! I just can't believe it! I know I say that every year but this year she is turning into a big girl, four!! This past Saturday we had her friends party at Pigtails and Crewcuts and Lorelei had a blast. I think her favorite part was helping each girl pick out a gown and shoes! The party was fun but very crowded with 13 girls and their mommies in one small space! The girls got their nails, makeup and glitter in their hair (supposed to be up do's but there was a miscommunication between what was supposed to be done and what actually happened). They played a few games and ate pink and purple cupcakes. I think the girls had a lot of fun and I know Lorelei loved being with all her friends from church and school! A dream come true for her! She is my little social butterfly and loves being with people!
Tonight will be her Barbie party with her family. We are really loving Barbie right now but still enjoy the Disney Princesses too! She is such a girly girl and I love her sooo much, she is our little miracle, our Boo-Bear! Happy Birthday sweet girl!
Lorelei picked this pink Princess gown to wear at the party!

Getting Glittified!

Totally not lovin' this party- thank goodness for Grandmama and Grandaddy who came by and rescued him away from the land of girliness!

Lorelei and Maren

Ali from school

Lorelei loves Emilie and really looks up to her! She has been such a sweet older friend to Lorelei!

Some of the girl discussing their dress choices.

Mia looking sparkly in her gown.

Elise gave Lorelei a princess night gown, Lorelei has worn it all week!

Belle's a beauty!

Poor Brent got Princess duty today. He hung out with Paxton until Paxton left.

Tyla, another sweet older friend of Lorelei's. She adores these girls!

Playing pass the glass slipper.

Getting ready for a little Limbo!

My Princess

Me and Ligia, Tyla's mom.

Josh forgot to take pictures of her blowing out the candle and handed me the camera afterwards!

Pink and Purple cupcakes for the Princesses!

Lorelei got lots of lovely gifts from her friends. In fact I haven't seen her most of this week as she has been in her room playing endlessly with new Barbies, Princesses, coloring books, makeup sets, you name it!