Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lorelei Time

Last week was parent week at Lorelei's ballet so I got to go in and take lots of sweet pictures of little Miss Priss doing her thang! She loves ballet and Loves her teacher Ms. Bernie! I am so proud of how far she has advanced over the past two years in ballet, she really does a nice job!

Ballet has been so fun for both of us. We have been with the same group of girls for the past two years and every Friday after ballet we have play group with these girls. And there have been lots of birthday parties as well! It has been a special treat to have Lorelei home on Fridays from school so we can share this special day together every week!

Lorelei telling her friend Scarlett about her earrings!

Sorry for the bad pictures here, my camera battery died and I had to use my cell phone for those two pictures! Oops!

Ms. Bernie and the girls!

Lorelei likes to sit right next to the teacher. I think she would take over if Ms. Bernie let her.


Today was also a very special time for Lorelei. Today was the father/daughter dance at ballet. Lorelei has been looking forward to her special date with daddy for a while now! They were going to have a dance and a tea party at her ballet studio. Daddy was a little bit excited too, I love how happy they both look in these pics!