Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gobble Gobble

An early Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Or late if you are reading this after it. Not much new here, just crazy busy as always! Just wanted to post some quick shots of my kiddos this morning before church in their Thanksgiving attire.
We had fun last night get boxes together for the Good Samaritan project at church and the kids had a great time picking out gifts for their AGAPE kids yesterday too. They were so sweet by offering up their allowances as well to help pay for everything!

Also, here is my Harry Potter dressed up for book week this past week. He is currently almost finished with book 2, he gets to watch the movies after he reads the books! A funny on him from this morning: People were getting up in service and testifying about how God's grace had saved them and how we are all apart of God's family. Well one man got up and started by saying "By God's grace I haven't had a drink in 35 years." Paxton leaned over to me with big eyes and said "Really? He hasn't had anything to drink in 35 years?!!" Hahaha, too cute! Josh and I were cracking up! Hey, at least he was paying attention, gotta love those sermon notes they do every week!