Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Arkansas

Finishing up the posts about our trip to Arkansas. The kids loved getting to go to Aunt Amy's pool! Too bad I was so hot that I had to go sit in the clubhouse! Ahhh! The heat was bad especially since I didn't have my swimsuit. I took so many pictures but somehow have misplaced some of them on my computer. Here are the ones I could find from our trip. Enjoy!

Sweet Baby Chloe

Emily taking a break from swimming. She is one active little lady!

One day we went to a puppy store that the kids love to visit while we are out there. Lorelei and Paxton loved getting all the puppies out and playing with them!

Paxton for some reason really took to this little guy.

Aunt Amy and new baby Chloe.

Is this guy up to something or what?!!

Josh and his cousin David. He hasn't seen him in over ten years!

Lorelei, Jaden and Emily hanging out in the backyard.

The Cousin shot. They have a picture like this of all of them when they were little. These guys haven't all been together in years and years. James, Jon, David, Matt and Josh

The little cousins pic.

Josh's Aunt Anita's family picture. Anita, we will get you those pictures that Josh promised. We have them on a card. If Brenda comes out here, we will send them with her!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Time

A couple of weeks ago we got to go out to Arkansas to visit Josh's family. The kids had a ball and we had a really nice time being out there for Josh's birthday, meeting our new niece Chloe, and seeing family we haven't seen in years! Of course Paxton and Lorelei were thrilled to get to see Beau (Bo?) again! I tell you those two love puppies! Paxton really got along well with Beau and he was just adorable with him. I will let him enjoy that when he visits Nana and Papa, we aren't quite ready to take on any dogs here!

We started the trip off by walking over the Arkansas River over the big bridge with a walking trail. It was a long hot hike but pretty scenery, we were glad to have the double stroller with us! We visited the Little Rock Heifer Project Center, very interesting, the kids even liked parts of it, better yet, it was free! Nana and the kids made adorable Monkey cupcakes. They did such a great job making and decorating them and of course eating them!

Another day we headed out to see Josh's Aunt Anita and her family. Paxton got to jump on the trampoline while the sprinkler was going under it! Wow, let me tell you, if you haven't seen a kid having fun you should try this! Although his mama and Nana were about to have heart attacks the whole time! Paxton jumped with Jaden and Lorelei choose a non-dangerous activity, the swing set. So here are some pics from our trip there, I have more to come but blogger takes so long for me to upload that I can only do so much at a time.

Making cupcakes with Nana

So cute, right?

Paxton and Beau

Showing Nana and Papa how to play his Leapster.

Standing in front of the Arkansas River

Ha! Love this one! My kiddos, especially one in particular, has seen a flying bug!

More loving on Beau

Choosing the swing set instead.

Some crazy fun, here! Don't you love the look on Nana's face! Trust me, I had the same look of fear that someone was going to end up with a broken bone.

Paxton and Jaden jumping.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Catching Up

Time to play catch up with blogging. We have been so busy and out of town that I haven't had time to post pics from the 4th or Josh's 31st birthday! To start with on the pictures, these are just some random ones we took of the kids doing their typical summertime activities: pool, playground, bikes, outside play, etc.

So to get started, on July 4th we decided to hang out at the pool for a few hours. We were so surprised to be the only family down there. We had a picnic and a great time enjoying ourselves until it was time to go. Josh got his hat and put it on only to get stung by a yellow jacket! Ouch! Most of us have been stung before but not in our head! It really hurt him for a full 24 hours, he will definitely look next time before putting his hat on outside.
After the pool we went up to Grandmama and Grandaddy's house for a cookout and to celebrate Josh' upcoming birthday. All the kids had a great time playing together and riding their bikes. Josh had a great birthday party and got lots of nice gifts from everybody. We had a fun but exhausting time. We had promised Paxton we would take him to see the fireworks this year but after the pool and several fun filled hours with the family it was getting late and we were all exhausted. Especially the little man who had spent the night with G&G and gotten up at 6:30! We felt bad but we decided we would go next year. We are going to see fireworks next week at Stone Mountain and of course there are tons of firework shows at Disney that we will see in the fall. So it was a happy weekend overall. Stay tuned for pics from our trip to hottest place on earth (can you guess where?).

Little lady in the pool. She loves to hang out on the steps. She could entertain herself for hours here!

The Spider Man blaster! We still have Spider "webs" from this thing on our driveway after three weeks!

A Daddy-want-to-be playing some tennis. He actually is getting to be quite good like his daddy!

The cousins on a bike parade.

A kiss for daddy from his princess!

Little Miss Fourth of July!

The big 31 !!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Kids

Here are my big kids pictures. We got them done a couple of weeks ago because I haven't had them done together in over two years! I know, I know, terrible terrible me, but it has just kinda of slipped up on me. I think since I get their pictures indvidually done each year that I haven't really thought about it.

They did a pretty good job with it and I am pleased with the outcome. We have been super busy being out of town and celebrating the 4th and Josh's birthday. Lots to catch up on so stayed tuned! Until then, enjoy my big kids!

I didn't think I would like this one but it ended up being my favorite one in print.