Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An Exciting Week!

This was Paxton's face this week win he won his school's fundraiser! He was looking back at me when they announced his name! What a week of selling and prizes and craziness. We are now the proud owners of a big ole stuffed snake, dog and some other fun items. Thanks so much to our wonderful friends and family for supporting Paxton and his school! He had a blast and was super excited to win again this year!

Lorelei and her friend Wyatt liked to hang out this week during the prize ceremonies each afternoon! They get along so well and like playing with Wyatt's lizards!

Our new snake and dog friends wrapped around Paxton. Actually that is the smaller and second version of the bigger dog at home!
Another exciting event . . . Paxton's first tooth fell out! He has been wiggling that thing like crazy and I can't believe it has held on for so long. Tonight after dinner, Daddy got a wash cloth and popped that thing right out. Paxton didn't even wince! He is so excited to have a missing tooth and can't wait for the tooth fairy to visit tonight!

Please excuse the pizza sauce around his mouth, we had just had dinner and on our wait to shower time!

Friday, September 3, 2010

First Day of Pre K and some more birthday!

This week held the first day of Pre-K for little Miss Lorelei. She has been so excited to go back to school this year, especially since Paxton started a few weeks ago. So this week we went in to meet her teachers and then Wednesday was her first day! I didn't get a chance to be too sad about it as I subbed every day at her school this week so I got to see her quite a bit! She says she loves it and her teachers seem to be really great. So here are some pics from her first day of Pre-K!

This is her matching doll which she named Jane, she is reading lots of Dick and Jane right now, hence the name I believe!

Sportin' her new backpack and matching lunch box!

Hopefully she grows into it!
Here we are, ready for the first day!
Outside the classroom picture
Her friends from last year that are in her class this year too.
Lorelei and her new teacher Ms. Rachel

Last week on Paxton's actual birthday we went up celebrate with him. We brought some McDonalds for him and had some cookies with his friends. He is eating in the big cafeteria this year! Lots more choices, people and noise too!

Enough already MOM!