Friday, March 28, 2008

The short cast is on!

Finally! We have a short cast. A blue and green striped short cast that is. Today's visit went fine at the orthopedic doctor. I took my camera because I wanted to have pictures to show Paxton later on, so he can remember this little experience. We were instructed to give him Motrin before arriving because they said no matter what age you are, your knee is going to HURT!! (I mean think about it, if you kept your knee in a bent position for five weeks straight and then were told to move it and put pressure on it, you might complain too!!)

We thought the sawing off the cast would be what he freaked out about, but he actually liked that party and thought it was pretty cool. However, once the cast was off and he saw that little shriveled up leg, he freaked! It wasn't quite as bad as when he broke it but there was still quite a bit of whining and crying going on. They took x-rays and he wanted a blue and green striped cast this time. So they let us clean his dirty little leg and toes and then they put the new one on along with a boot to go on his foot. This will hopefully be great and he can actually walk and play outside now. However, right now we are back to the start. He refuses to put any pressure on it and so I am Mommy the chauffeur right now. They said it might hurt for a few days so hopefully he will start walking again soon. His leg is healing great right now-yeah! Only 3 weeks with this cast and then we get a removable boot after that. I can't believe it has been 5 weeks since this happened! Here are the pics of Pax at the doctor's office.

In the waiting room, blissfully unaware of the pain to come!

Look how worn out and dirty this cast is!

Daddy and Paxton waiting for the doctor.

Here is the saw removing the cast.

A close up view.
The first sight of his leg in his 5 weeks!
Hey, I don't like this, put it back on!

Can you hear the whining yet?

Look at the poor little leg and knee!

Getting my leg x-rayed.

Here are the x-rays. It is hard to tell but you can see where it was broken and new bone is wrapping around the old.

Mommy trying to wash Paxton's leg without too much screaming.

The PA and Paxton.

The start of new shorter cast.

Ahhhh, that feels better and looks betters too!

Now, the new cast is on and we have three weeks to go!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter- Part II

Sunday, we celebrated Easter some more with the family. First, Sunday morning the Easter bunny brought Lorelei and Paxton some gifts in their Easter baskets. We had to explain to Paxton the day before that no, the Easter bunny is not like Santa and he does not bring LOTS of gifts-only what can fit into your basket. He was still happy to see a Leap Frog Leapster in his basket and Lorelei loves her My Little Ponies and Princess Salon kit.

I made sure to get up early on Easter so we had plenty of time to get pictures. (If you are like us, it's waffles on the way to church as we rush out the door every Sunday morning!) I did not want them eating in their nice Easter clothes without a bib (Lorelei). So we had waffles at the table and got some cute pictures before we got all messed up. We went to church and Paxton enjoyed Children's Church (yes, we can no longer keep in the service with us- the time has come for me to finally hear at least half of a sermon without threatening someone!), Kid's Praise and class. After church we went to Lala, Pam and Von's house for Easter lunch and an Easter egg hunt. The kids had fun with their cousins and Paxton and Lorelei did good finding eggs. We had a great time but somehow the kids did not take afternoon naps- could it have been the banana splits we had for lunch, or maybe it was the candy they ate in Sunday school class, or perhaps it was from all the sugar they ate after the Easter egg hunt?!! Nevertheless, we are Eastered out!! I put away the dyed eggs, the bunnies, and the Easter bunny picture yesterday. Of course, we will never forget the real reason we celebrate Easter!!

Oh and I must add, that one of good friends had her baby on Easter!! Congrats to Ashley and Cary on the birth of baby Noah!!! He is beautiful!

Paxton's cast matches his Easter outfit!

Lorelei- Pretty in Purple (notice the My Little Pony!)

Lorelei thinks Paxton is looking very handsome today!

My two Easter sweeties!

Lorelei and her two Great-Grandmothers-Granny and Lala.

Grandmama and the grandkids: Lorelei, Nathan, Luke, and Paxton

Whenever Lorelei visits there she gets in the chair with "My babies."

Everybody coming our for an Easter Egg hunt.

Me and my brother and our kids.


Lorelei was NOT happy to see the Easter bunny this year. This was the best picture before the weeping and wailing began. Last year she did so great, but this year she freaked out!!! Maybe it was rap music playing in the background from a local rap station who was there sponsoring this year's Easter bunny. I mean really, rap and Easter? Doesn't really give you that springtime, happy feeling!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter- Part 1

Well we began Easter weekend with an Easter Egg hunt at church today. It was actually much more than just an Easter egg hunt. They had lots of activities set up for the kids to do. Paxton and Lorelei were both there in their Easter hunting outfits. Paxton did many of the activities they had. He made a cross craft, decorated a cookie, made an Easter magnet and made a really cute wind sock! He also got his face painted which I was shocked that he wanted to do because he usually doesn't like things like that. Daddy supervised this activity and somehow Paxton ended up with a green cross and a green heart. This was after we convinced him (told him) not to get his whole face painted like a puppy as he wanted.
After the activities and socializing with our friends, we had Kids Praise. This is something our church has twice a month, where they gather all the children together to sing Praise songs to God. It is very energetic and the leader is great. Lorelei usually doesn't go to this on Sunday mornings because she is too young, so today she was fascinated by it all. She was trying to do all the hand movements and she was really taking it all in. Of course, if you know Paxton, you know he loves this kind of thing. He sings well and does a great job participating.

The last activity was the Easter egg hunt. Now this was for ages 0-5th grade at our church so I was a little worried with all the kids there, that Paxton would get run over because of his cast. Luckily, the split the kids up, 0-3, and then 4- and up. So we took Lorelei and Paxton out to their Easter egg space and let them go to it. Lorelei did great (we have been practicing with Easter Egg hunts at home this week) and had a ton! She got in a section away from the playground where all the other kids were and really racked up. Paxton didn't do as well because he followed the crowd to the playground and couldn't get around very well. He didn't want our help but he complained about doing it himself, said it hurt his foot. Poor little dude, can't have it both ways bud!
Overall we had a great time. We got some good pictures of our two as well as some good shots with other friends. Tomorrow we continue the Easter celebration by going to Church and then having Easter lunch at Lala (great grandmother), Pam and Von's house. This will be followed by another Easter egg hunt with the cousins. Should be some more great pics of Sunday Easter clothes and more Easter egg hunts! Also, check back for the official picture with the Easter bunny, taken earlier this week- an interesting story there too! For now, Happy Easter- may we all remember that our Lord and Savior rose from the grave on that glorious day!!!!

Ready for an Easter Egg hunt!

Me too!!

Wade and Lorelei (born two days apart)

Paxton and his two good friends Marshall and Will.

Chowing down on some cookies: Marshall, Wade, Lorelei and Mr. Mike

Emilie and Paxton work on their Easter egg magnets.

Decorating his cookie, Paxton loves icing!

Ms. Trenise painting Paxton's face.

The Cross.

The heart.

Go Lorelei! Find those eggs!

Paxton and Lorelei with their baskets and eggs.

Lorelei and Quint. Quint kept giving all his eggs to Lorelei and she willingly took ALL of his eggs!

A few of the kids: Lorelei, Quint, Emilie, Garrett, and Paxton