Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This is it, I promise.

Ok, this is it people I promise. NO More Disney pictures, probably. I just had to share the rest of these cute pictures. I would write a lot about it, but even my own mother admitted to not reading the posts but rather looking at the pictures! These are the last few days of our trip at the Animal Kingdom, back Epcot and Disney. And yes I know there are a ton of pictures but believe me when I say this is narrowed down to what I really have on the camera. It only took me like a week to upload these pictures and here we are almost 2 months after the fact, but alas I am done! Fab time of course, enjoy!

Oh, scary dude!

Inside the Polynessian Resort one morning.

Having a parade at Donald's Safari Breakfast

Daisy Duck and kiddos

While at the Animal Kingdom, the kids really wanted to get their faces painted so we let them pick what they wanted. I think they turned out so cute! The kids got lots com compliments, people even wanted to take their pictures!

The next few pictures are from the Safari at the Animal Kingdom. We got to ride it two times in a row because the speaker went out during our first trip, so yeah for not having to wait in lines!

This ostrich would not get out of the jeep's way during the Safari ride, it was quite funny!

Paxton and Lorelei were chosen to be in the Lion King show (our favorite show by the way!) Lorelei freaked out a bit and came back to sit with us but Paxton had a ball with the instruments and all the "animals."
Breakfast at Chef Mickey's. Once again just sharing one pic, you get the point that we had our picture taken with each character.

My two cuties watching Lights Motor Action at Hollywood Studios.

This was an incredible show. I could not have picked a more perfect show for Paxton. We missed it last year because it was closed. It is a must see for us from now on!

Beauty and the Beast live on stage was definitely Lorelei's favorite at Hollywood Studios. There are so many great shows to see here.

As you can see she was captivated!

This would be me after leaving the Tower of Terror with Paxton who MADE me ride it, I am too old for that kind of "thrill."

Paxton and Lorelei in Norway in Epcot right before our Akershush Royal Banquet Breakfast with the Princesses.

In Epcot near the Nemo ride.

The are totally taken with this next show, what could it be? The TV in the resort room!

After leaving the Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique, Lorelei found her Fairy Godmother!

Showing Cinderella her nails that she just had done at the BBB.

Now there is a TRUE Princess!
Waiting patiently to meet all the Princesses in Cinderella' Castle Breakfast-now that's some yummy food!

We of course had to go see Peter Pan and Wendy.

This is the Pirate's League, which is like the BBB except you are made over into a Pirate! Here Paxton is getting his official Pirate name- John Shortpaddler.

Ready to get made into a Pirate!

Just like the BBB, they have different "looks" you can choose. Paxton love the scar and scruffiness of this Pirate look.

Taking his Pirate oath.

We had not planned on doing this so he didn't have the right clothes but next time he will be in full garb- don't you love those teeth?
We had to meet Captain Hook and Mr. Smee so this Pirate could join them!

Paxton was chosen to be Captain Jack's Sparrow's Pirate League Show- How to be a Pirate.

After a long day at the Kingdom we headed over to the Grand Floridian to eat at Narcosses (wonderful!). Here are some pics taken of the kids from the dock there.

Last morning, breakfast at Ohana's with Lilo and Stich.

Ok, somebody here has had enough!

Ok, happy again in the breakfast parade! Yeah, that's all!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!!

Trick or treat to all of you! A day late of course, but hey two blogs in one day and four blogs in two days? I think I am doing pretty good, just trying to catch up! We had a great Trunk or Treat last Sunday night at our church. We look forward to it every year! I think the kids kind of see this as their Halloween even more then trick or treating in their neighborhood!

As you can see we have the powerful defender Optimus Prime and the beautiful Disney Princess, Belle. The kids have known for a while who they wanted to be. I would loved to have matched them up again this year, but Paxton did NOT want to be the Beast, so alas my days of matching I guess are over!

We had fun at Trunk or Treat playing games, riding the hayride, eating hot dogs and of course Trunk or Treating!! It was quite cold, as it has seemed to be this October, and little Miss Belle, did not want to wear her sweater but alas her mother made her.

Last night, Josh braved the freezing cold and rain to take the kids out in the neighborhood. Poor thing is suffering today for it but the kids got the usual ton of candy that we will end up throwing out (of course after we eat all the good chocolate!) Enjoy our cuties!

The Pose.

The Princess look.

She can do pretty good in these heels! Probably as good as her mama can!

Cinderella (Maren) and Belle (Lorelei)
Aurora (Belle) and Belle (Lorelei)

Little Ladybug (Katie) and Belle (Lorelei)

Random. Lorelei got to dress up for ballet this week, we went with Aurora and gave Belle a break for ballet.
Halloween Night