Thursday, August 30, 2007

3 year old pics and Happy Birthday Grandaddy!!

We got Paxton's 3 year old pictures done today. Unlike last time (the ones with Lorelei) he did a great job (These are the unedited versions.) It could of been the extra attention he got or perhaps he was feeling guilty from last photo session. Ok, ok, I guess it was the bribe that I brought along, Almond Joys! A new favorite of the boy. No, I don't keep candy around the house normally, these were left over from a party I went to last weekend and Paxton thought they were ice cream sandwiches (the white and black?). He had to try one and he's been addicted ever since, even though in general he does not like chocolate. Amazingly, Lorelei likes them too! Maybe I should just give her those for her meals, that's extra calories right?
Anyway, Paxton's at that stage now, where he asks questions ALL the time. What is that, where is this, why is that man doing that, etc. And my favorite thing is now he wants to know what we are talking about all the time. "What are you and daddy talking about? What did you say to Grandmama? Where did you say we are going?" No more semi-private conversations that we used to hold over his head. You know the ones where, you think they aren't listening or don't care? I am waiting for a few of things Josh and I have talked about in front of him lately to come back and bite me big time! It's another new phase! By the way, Paxton met his new preschool teacher, Ms. Kathy yesterday at school. She is super sweet, more to come on that later!

On a final note, today is my daddy's birthday! Dad, you are the best dad in the world! You have been there for us through thick and thin! You are Godly example to us and a blessing to me and Josh and Paxton and Lorelei! We love you so much, Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Party, party!!

Paxton's My Gym party was a success!! We had so much fun and I think all 18 kids that were there did too! It was pretty crazy and crowded but hey, I wasn't in charge so it was great fun! We started off with some play time, which EVERY child wanted to play and stay in the ball pit. Someone needs to build one at my house too!

Paxton, Lorelei, Katie, Marshall (behind them- Sydney and Jonah)

Emilie, Marshall and Addie

Awww, do I have to get out??

Kristen and Luke, I think the only time these two ever got out was for cake and ice cream!!

We also played some bubble games, sorting games and sang some Wiggles songs. It was kind of crazy with children running around everywhere and only one child out of all the kids had ever even been there before. We had some great teachers, they VERY ENERGETIC! I think the main teacher even scared some of the children with her loudness and energy. Also, Ms. Jill, the manager and Paxton's teacher from this summer came just for him! He was so excited! She was like his personal assistant the whole time, doing whatever he wanted and playing just with him. We thought it was SO sweet of her to come just for his birthday since she doesn't usually do that.

Ms. Jill and Paxton

He doesn't look happy at all, does he??!!

Annabelle and Paxton and the bubble machine!

Little Lorelei loves bubbles!

Our very ENERGETIC teacher, Ms. Crystal
Singin' a Wiggly Tune!

The kids were fascinated with the teacher's rendition of Old McDonald.

Next, came the swing, rides and the birthday march. Of course all the kids wanted to get in the great big barrels that hung from the ceiling for a swing. The airplane ride hung on like a wire system and they got to ride it down to the end. The birthday march was when they hid Paxton in the back room when no one was looking and asked everyone where the birthday boy had gone? He came out waving a pink flag (yeah, pink, what were they thinking?) and dancing around to a birthday song over the speakers. It was really neat. Then all the kids gathered around the birthday boy who got to sit on the big ball and we tried to take pictures. Of course not everyone would sit at the same time and Paxton kept waving that flag in front of his face so I didn't get many good shots. It is hard to get 18 2 and 3 year olds to sit still for more than 2 seconds!

The barrel swing, birthday boy got to go first and second!

The airplane ride
The birthday marchMs. Jill, Paxton's personal assistant for the day!

Group shot: Ok, it looks like there are only girls at this party but actually there was almost an equal amount. I guess all the other boys were too busy playing to come sit!

See what I mean, PINK flag in the face!!

Ok, this post is getting long but just a few more things to share. After all the fun and games it was time to head to the party room for cupcakes and ice cream. I ordered Paxton the cutest cupcake cake in the shape of a 3. I was very excited about my little idea and couldn't wait for everybody to see it. As I walked into the party room to see if the other teacher needed any help I see her dropping the cupcake cake onto the floor!! I run to catch whatever I can so fortunately we only lost a few on the floor, however, my cute little shape of a 3 was no longer. So no one got to see the cake and no I didn't get a picture of it BEFORE the drop. Oh well, just one of those things you gotta let go of. The kids still loved the cupcakes and boy did they make a mess!! I was once again reminded of why I did not have this at my house!!

This is the cupcake AFTER the drop. I tried to put it back together the best I could but it still was smeared and strange looking.

Hey, what happened to this cake?

Oh well, tastes good anyway!

Sweet little Addie, I just had to take a picture of her face!

Party, party!

The last few shots are just of those who attended the party! Thanks to all of our friends and family who made this such a special day and party for Paxton!!

My good friends, Robin, Lori and Kara

Ed and one of his triplets, Erin

Lorelei and Katie

The parents enjoying some chat time

Michelle and baby Kamryn, and Wendy and baby Jake (born on the same day!)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Oh, the funny things you do!

Oh, there are so many things that I love about my Pax. There are also so many things I want to record that he is doing as he becomes 3 years old. This is just a list of random things about Paxton.
1. Paxton is a sweet and loving child. He wants to love on everyone we meet, and I mean anyone and everyone. We have had to encourage him to only say I love you to family and close friends lately because he says it to everyone. I know you may think, oh that's so sweet, but the exterminating man really doesn't know what to do with a 3 year old boy telling him he loves him.
2. Paxton is still our smart boy. He amazes us with how quickly he catches on to things. He has become fascinated with flags lately and so Josh and I have said the Pledge of Allegiance to him a few times and now he has it memorized. He has also memorized our new address and phone number. He can do math, sound out words and can just catch on and figure out things so quickly!
3. He is still going through his, I will not eat food phase. It is still a struggle to get him to eat unless of course, there is sugar involved. He eats an oatmeal creme pie everyday for lunch. He loves loves loves cake and ice cream.

4. The other day I was getting ready for my night out with Josh and I came out all dressed up and he said, "Wow Mama, you're amazing!!" That will make you feel good about yourself even on the worst of days!

5. Still not a big TV/DVD watcher. In fact, in the car, he has us unplug his screen most of the time. Things he will watch: Wiggles, Mickey Mouse Club House, Avalanche Ranch (A VBS DVD with Praise and Worship songs - talk about amazing, listening to him sing the words that praise God, fills my heart with joy!!)

6. He loves to play T-Ball, soccer, football, help daddy in the yard and blow bubbles outside. In fact, he got the coolest bubble machines for his birthday. He is lovin them! He also would rather play with a gadget any day over a regular toy. He loves my parents Rumba (sp?) which is one of those vacuums that goes around the room on its own, and he loves the remote control for the fan and light. I think he would play with the oven, dishwasher, house alarm, temperature controller and much more if we let him.

7. Whenever speaking, Paxton always addresses the person he is talking to. For example "Mama, I would like to . . " "Yes, Grandmama, I think that is a great idea." etc. He has done that for as long as I can remember him talking.

8. Loves, loves, loves our preacher, Mr. Jody. Thinks he is the coolest thing ever!!

9. Yesterday he said to me "Goodness Gracious, Mama, the movie is over now!" He also says a lot "That's ok with me, Mama," when I ask him if he wants to do something. Another cute saying of his: If you ask him if he likes something he says "I surely do!" He just has the cutest expressive voice when he says it too! He also enunciates every word, he is very articulate.

10. He weighs 32 lbs and is 37 1/2 inches tall which is the 50% for both weight and height. I felt relieved about that because I thought he might not be eating enough or growing lately but I guess he is right on track!
We love our dear sweet, precious boy! He is an amazing gift of God and we thank Him for blessing us with our wonderful Paxton!!

Below are some pictures of the Jeep that Josh put together for him. I took the pictures of it inside the house. No, it is not an inside toy. It is outside now. Paxton is a pretty good driver. He can go forward and put it in reverse. He has only hit the rod iron fence and run over my flower beds a couple of time. His sister will not be allowed to ride with him for a while!

He's loving it!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Big Birthday Boy!

I cannot believe that my little Pax is 3 years old today! It sounds soooo old!! We had a great day today for Paxton. It started with birthday balloons all over the house, which he loved (really he played with the balloons more than any other gift). Then he went to Waffle House with daddy, which is a special treat. Josh and Paxton used to go every Friday when Paxton was in school last year, but they haven't got to go as regularly lately. We also gave Paxton his gifts from us which included a Spring Rocking horse (he has been wanting one forever because his cousin Luke has one and his aunts also have one of my dads at their house), a CD player and the mac daddy gift (and yes, his daddy picked it out and got it for him), a new Jeep Hurricane Power Wheels (not yet assembled because we were last minute and got it today, pictures of that to come.) Funny Story on that one: Tonight as family was leaving, we said hey come look at Paxton's big gift (it was in the box in the laundry room). Someone said teasingly "Hey Paxton did you get a new washer?" Well we went in the laundry room and everybody was admiring the new gift, Paxton ran past the Jeep power wheels and after a few minutes of studying our washing machine, he yells (notice I am using that word a lot today, gives you a picture of how our day went!) "Hey, did you guys get me a new washer or what?"

Balloons everywhere! They said Happy 3rd Birthday!

The new spring rocking horse! (I think I am starting to see where Lorelei gets her cheezy smile from)

The next adventure of the day involved bowling. Wow, was that something else. I bet you didn't know you could take a 3 year old and 16 month bowling, huh? Well, it can be done, not easily, but possible. That is a blog for another day. Anyway, this evening we had our big family party. It was lots of fun. Anytime you get the four cousins together there's sure to be a good (and loud) time! Paxton opened presents from the rest of the family. He would open each gift and then say I want to open another one. At the end he stood up and yelled "Thank You Everybody!!" Next we had cake and ice cream. I decided to be adventurous and make his cake this year. I figured every kid needs a homemade birthday cake at some point and I have not made him homemade ones in the past. So I made a Wiggles cake with sprinkles in the cake and icing. It was very homemade looking but he loved it and it tasted pretty good! It was a exciting evening, full of sugar and hyper children. I think Paxton really enjoyed his special day and there is more to come with Saturday being the big friends party. And after tonight I remembered why I didn't invite 20 2 and 3 year olds to my house! We are having his party at My Gym on Saturday, they do the entertaining, serving of food and clean up. I think we got the good deal on that one! I also have a ton of funny stories and little facts to post about my Pax. That will have to be another day too, as this mama is worn out and needs to go help Josh assemble that big beast of a Jeep.

I think this picture doesn't do my masterpiece justice.

Aunt Von, Paxton and Nathan

Opening gifts, tearing one little piece of paper at a time.

He could not wait until the end of the Happy Birthday song to blow out the candles!

Uncle Matt and Paxton's new Georgia Jersey. It's about time!! Yeah, no more Arkansas stuff!! (Ok, Josh still likes the Razorbacks, but this is DAWG country and a UGA family!!)